Nurse Manager Skills’ Inventory


It is necessary to mention that the role of personal assessments has been increasing over the years, and some of the proposed techniques are incredibly efficient. Nurse Manager Skills Inventory is one of such tools, and one of its benefits is that it focuses on several important aspects at the same time. Results related to four content areas will be discussed to get a better understanding of current strengths and weaknesses.

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The importance of personal growth should not be overlooked, and I think that I deserve a high rating on this scale because I am committed to lifelong learning. Also, I have developed several action plans that would help me to keep track of the progress. Ethical behavior is also one of my strengths because I try to act ethically in all types of situations. The application of such concepts is particularly important for a nurse manager because it helps to prevent numerous complications (Hunt, 2014). However, I still may need to receive certificates required for the job, and it would be appropriate to establish long-term relationships with a professional association because it has several benefits.

Career Planning

It is imperative to note that I have an excellent understanding of the job and associated responsibilities because I have read a lot of literature on this topic. Also, I am aware of opportunities for employment and professional development. I keep track of latest trends and developments in the industry. Such knowledge would help me to recognize which nurse manager skills are valued, and the ways in which development plans must be adjusted depending on the situation.

Positioning is the aspect that could be improved. I acknowledge the importance of the career path, but this concept is still rather complicated because some of the alterations to policies and regulations are hard to predict. Healthcare professionals have to deal with numerous changes, but the importance of plans should not be disregarded, and I will try to pay attention to this problem.


My understanding of action learning may be regarded a significant advantage because the approach is viewed as vital in most healthcare facilities. The focus on reflective practice is crucial, and I think that my ability to pay attention to details is valuable (Howatson-Jones, 2016). On the other hand, it is incredibly important to focus on council management because I believe that my current level of experience is not sufficient. Nevertheless, the problem may be resolved because I am interested in the literature on this subject matter, and have an outstanding knowledge of shared leadership and collaboration.

Reference Behaviors

It is important to mention that my perspective on diversity is one of my biggest strengths. I recognize the fact that all the employees and patients must be treated equally, and I am going to promote such behavior in the workplace. Commitment also needs to be highlighted because I am determined to devote all my time and efforts to learning and self-improvement. Furthermore, I can look at the situations from various perspectives and base my decisions on available information. On the other hand, the discovery of potential is a tenant that could be improved. The problem is that I am not sure which methods are effective and what type of approaches are commonly used.


I understand that my knowledge and leadership abilities must be enhanced, but it is still possible to utilize the current skill set to facilitate changes in the workplace. My plan is to increase the focus on ethics in the healthcare facility by showing an outstanding example of highly ethical behavior and providing advice to employees that act inappropriately in some situations. Moreover, I think that it would lead to an increase in the level of diversity because the environment will be more accepting. Professionals will understand which comments must be avoided and how communication patterns may be modified depending on the situation (Emmerich, 2013).

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My personal goal is to enhance my interpersonal skills because it would have an impact on communication patterns and may improve my ability to resolve conflicts. I believe that such changes would help to facilitate leadership growth in the long-term. One of the most important aspects is participation in pieces of training on this subject matter. Peer-reviewed journals and books also must be reviewed and analyzed to get a better understanding of latest techniques. Also, it would be reasonable to participate in activities that would involve the interactions with patients and other professionals in this area. The implementation plan may be altered depending on the situation, and it is important to ensure that it is flexible.


In summary, it is possible to state that I have a set of qualities that are incredibly important to a nurse manager. I acknowledge the fact that several weaknesses are present at the moment, and I am determined to address the areas that are the most problematic. I believe that the focus on these aspects would help me to become an excellent leader and have a positive impact on the environment in the workplace.


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