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Nursing Application for an All Inclusive Family

Myra Levine described nursing as supportive interventions geared towards establishing healthy living. They are fundamental assumptions that are used in the basic execution of nursing (Levine, 1967). She indulged basic principles and knowledge that could be used in combating a better approach to nursing. With her ardent support to the nursing profession, Levine incorporated various principles to establish a better clinical approach to nursing. She was principled in making an absolute change to the nursing profession. This resulted in a positive change in the overall perception of the nursing profession. Encompassing both scientific and therapeutic drills is a positive accrual incepted by Levine. In practice, she inspired change and overhauled nursing partitioning to a higher level. This has created a better reflection in the conduct used in the nursing profession.

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In her participation in the nursing profession, Levine developed four principles avid (Levine, 1967). These principles proved worthwhile in the nursing profession from the resulting approach. In her first principle, Levine was an ardent supporter of conserving energy. She discovered that people would have a better living with unified systems. Many situations could be solved using the principles instilled by Levine. The principles would be used in bringing a softer approach towards the solution of problems as far as nursing is concerned. The nursing profession should be committed to making a positive approach towards giving the best treatment to the population. With such an approach, the nursing profession will be on an upward trend. In addition to this, the service providers in the nursing profession would be achieved. For instance, there is a situation involving a nuclear family of five. Since this is a nuclear family, it has a varying group of ages. Therefore, there will be a need to ensure all the interests of the family are taken into consideration. However, there is a greater course of concern as Jill is mostly affected by cancer fatigue. Cancer fatigue is defined as the exhaustion felt by a patient suffering from cancer. Though the patient might seem to have a normal state of living, he or she is affected as he or she often loses energy. As such, the patient needs undivided attention to control the situation. According to Levine, Fatigue is a universal indication in cancer patients. As such, she will be required to use fatigue-inducing multimodal medicine (Mock et al, 2007). This will reduce the ultimate fatigue levels to lower scale.

To begin with, the family has a pregnant member. Jill is in her middle stage of pregnancy, which requires tender care and monitoring (Levine, 1996). In addition to this, she is suffering from fatigue induced by effects of cancer. At this state, she requires constant attention for better development of her pregnancy and reduction of fatigue. As stated by Levine, such a person needs to conserve health to gain strong adaptability to the situation. She expends more energy in the pregnancy and of course cancer expends more energy. This leaves her with hazardous minute energy (Mock et al, 2007). Since the situation requires more energy for better health, she will need ardent care and monitoring. This is in regard to feeding, exercise and daily routine management.

Secondly, Jill will require an environment that completes her wholeness. Levine states that induction of bio-behavioral aspects will help in the management of cancer in patients. With a safer bio-behavioral environment, the patient will develop unity and integrity (Mock et al, 2007). A safer environment ensures a plausible development of both the unborn child and mother. In addition to this, Jill will require a better psychological environment. This is an environment that completes a person’s development environment during this period. With a better psychological environment, Jill will be positioned to think better and conduct other procedures normally. This will result in better development of both mother and unborn child.

Thirdly, Jill will require engaging human interactions in this stage. She will require constant help regarding her chores and daily routine. She will require interaction with nurses and care practitioners for an effective health. Nurses and doctors will be essential in controlling fatigue which is related to cancer (Mock et al, 2007). This will not only raise her personal development but will also improve her social life. Interacting with other people who have been through the same development will be a better approach towards achieving wholeness. For instance, advice from experienced mothers is a step that would be used to help her in gaining enough courage in this situation. The interaction will indulge vast communication and exchange of ideas that are related to the current situation. It will not only help in the better development of the unborn child, but will also help in reducing fatigue. Her social integrity will be boosted as she interacts with other people. Lastly, she will require unique and separate cluster of activities for her actualization (Schaefer and Pond, 1994). Since she is pregnant and fatigued, some activities need to be secluded for appropriate development (Mock et al, 2007). This will improve on her integrity as it will guarantee better health. In the end, she will achieve wholeness in her health as stated.

Jack is a mechanical engineer in the family and he is deeply engaged with machines and equipment. Therefore, he requires constant attention regarding cleaning his attire. He is obviously involved with grease and oil, making it an indulging work. To make him have a better working environment, he will need occasional changing of attire. Practically, he needs to amass and conserve enough energy for actual working (Schaefer and Pond, 1994). His work is rather engaging and needs physical orientation for effectiveness. On the other hand, he is engaged with dirty machines and equipment emitting dirt. This will reflect a constant cleaning in his clothing. This will assist in availing clean clothing in times of need. This will not only esteem his career but will also be substantial in wholeness development. According to Levine, he will be in a secured zone with a supportive family. In addition to this, he will require constant refreshment and feeding (Levine, 1996). Since his work is more physical, he requires replenishing his physical health. This will also show an improvement in the wholeness of the body. He will be in a better position of functioning accordingly in times of need. Similarly, he will be required to change occasionally, according to the occasion. Though he is a mechanical engineer, he needs different attires for different occasions. This will strengthen his esteem, especially when meeting the social groups. As such, he will be socially equipped.

The family has three underage children in the early stages of life, which is a delicate stage. In fact, this is the most engaging stage in life as it needs undivided attention. Jenna, Jimmy, and Junior need undivided attention to equip their development. First, they need to conserve their energy for daily development. At this age, they engage in activities requiring more energy (Schaefer and Pond, 1994). For instance, they are playful and will need to amass enough energy. In addition to this, their development needs enough energy. Therefore, there is a need to reflect on their activities by the provision of enough energy-giving foods. This will not only give them the energy to play but will also equip their health development.

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Secondly, the youngsters need a safe environment. They both need a clinically safe internal and external development for substantial development. This will be reflected in all spheres of their development. They need to grow in a peaceful environment free of disturbance. In addition to this, they need to have a safe and secure social life (Schaefer and Pond, 1994). This will direct their development to a safer place. For instance, the children should be given ample time to interact with their peers. This will develop their self-esteem in interacting with others. This will develop their social fitting and social integrity.

Lastly, the family has a family member in the old stage of life. She needs attention and care to have complete social development. Levine states that an old person’s attention is similar to the attention given to toddlers (Levine, 1996). Since she is widowed, she requires a social connection to avert her boredom. In conclusion, the nursing criteria in this family revolve around making positivity in the whole family. All the needs of the family are to be given utter responsibility for a square living.


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