Nursing Education Recommendations

Future of Nursing

One of the recommendations to the nursing job is to improve the quality of professional education in this profession. Considering that by 2020 the desired amount of such employees with a bachelor’s degree should be 80%, it is necessary for all the nurses to know about the benefits of higher education and to be ready to study. Personal motives are quite evident here: having a good professional background and qualifications, any employee can get a job in a more prestigious place and gain authority among the leadership (Mackay et al., 2016). Achieving the implementation of such a plan is possible. Training in an appropriate educational institution will improve the quality of nursing and become a good start for a young and inexperienced specialist.

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If it is a question of doubling the number of nurses with a doctoral degree to the same date, the situation looks more problematic. Personal motives, in this case, are key ones since a bachelor’s degree is practically mandatory in most good clinics and medical centers, and a doctoral degree is not considered an indispensable necessity. Nevertheless, such a plan is quite promising. The doctoral degree opens expanded opportunities for nurses and can allow moving up essentially a career ladder. Therefore, the recommendation to increase the number of graduates with a doctoral degree is beneficial for workers themselves.

The opportunity to receive additional education throughout the entire professional life is the prospect that many medical institutions offer today. Despite the fact that some nurses are reluctant to take this chance, such a measure is a guarantee that employees will learn regularly and be able to hone their skills in new areas. The practical significance of such a recommendation is quite reasonable.

Personal Level of Education

The individual level of education is one of the significant conditions for how successfully a nurse can get a job. As a rule, most employers make their choice in favor of those who have high professional training and appropriate education. The opportunity to get a prestigious workplace is mostly determined by the degree of the graduate of a particular educational institution, and what recommendations he or she has from colleagues and teachers. As Gilligan, Outram, and Levett-Jones (2014) note, competition in the current job market is quite high, and it is quite challenging to find the desired nursing position, having an insufficient level of education. That is why it is essential to improve personal qualifications as much as possible to have better prospects in comparison with colleagues.

Increasing the level of personal education mainly determines not only employers’ interest but also the role in the future of nursing. It is difficult to achieve a good quality of medical care without having the necessary knowledge and skills. The possibility of training today is relevant for nurses of all categories. The higher the level of professional training is, the more likely that an employee will achieve high performance and become an example for other nurses. If there is no opportunity to get an additional education for some reason, it is necessary to do it by oneself and study information that relates to a specific area of nursing. It is significant to remember that the quality of medical care and the prestige of a particular clinic depends on the work of junior medical personnel.


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