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Older Adults Patient Education Issues


The healthcare system of a given country dictates the quality of services available to its citizens. The American government offers adequate resources and support to ensure that more people receive high-quality services. This report gives a detailed summary of the responses obtained after interviewing one of my family members.

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Older Adults Patient Education Issues: Essay and Interview

The identified respondent was an elderly male aged 64 years. The individual indicated that the idea of patient education was making it possible for him to overcome most of his health challenges. The interviewee explained that a healthcare representative had provided evidence-based and personalized instructions for effective personal care after going through an operation or illness (Golinowska et al., 2016). From the process, he learned about the importance of washing hands frequently, practicing personal hygiene, taking medications as prescribed, and monitoring his temperature and weight frequently. The acquired information was appropriate and capable of delivering positive health outcomes or experiences.

Healthcare professionals, doctors, and counselors are usually involved to meet the emerging needs of patients. The respondent indicated that several pharmacists had guided and informed him about the best way to take medications and avoid potential errors. Some nurses offered additional ideas for engaging in exercises and maintaining physical fitness (Benetos et al., 2019). Counselors for the elderly were also instrumental since they offered additional skills for having a balanced diet and remaining active in life. Such ideas were capable of improving his health experiences while performing some minor tasks.

After going through the treatment process, the individual revealed that there were social workers who visited him occasionally to monitor some of the issues he was going through. He could also receive timely phone calls from his primary physician to know more about his health progress. Members of the family were involved to assist the patient and ensure that he recorded positive health outcomes (Golinowska et al., 2016). The participation of all these individuals was essential since they ensured that the individual achieved most of the intended medical goals.

The respondent indicated that the only assistance service he was aware of was that of home care centers targeting the elderly. This meant that he was not sure if he would get the relevant medication, transportation, or help should he opt to stay in his home as he got older. However, he was convinced that his family members would be involved to provide transport and food (Golinowska et al., 2016). They would also take him to the hospital should any complications arise. The available healthcare institutions at the community level would also support his health and medical needs.

These aspects reveal that there are both opportunities and gaps for the elderly in different American communities. The government needs to consider some of these observations and make the relevant adjustments to increase the number of medical professionals and social workers focusing on the demands of the elderly (Benetos et al., 2019). The strategy will maximize the available resources and transform the nature of this country’s healthcare system.


The completed interview revealed that patient education was an important aspect of healthcare. The consideration of the current gaps and addressing them accordingly can change the situation and ensure that more people have access to high-quality medical services. This new trend will meet the demands of the elderly and make it easier for them to live comfortably in their respective homes.

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