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Opinion About Classical Music

Nowadays, classical music loses its popularity among the wide public, which is explained by the fact that it becomes obsolete in the conditions of the modern-day world. Today, people tend to be guided by different cadences, tempos, and they have a different pace. The calm and hasteless nature of classical music is no longer appealing to the wide masses. My opinion regarding classic music is also affected by similar reasoning. I believe that in our modern conditions, people generally need other music, reflecting the spirit of our time. However, I do agree that particular pieces of classical music are still actual; and at times, when I have a special mood, I listen to them. Below, I will explain my position in detail.

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First, I must confess that certain types of classical music are absolutely challenging for me, which is explained by the use of polyphonic textures in them and the prevalence of religious ideas in them coming from the Catholic Church. The example of such music is “Gloria” from Missa Benedicta by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. This piece of music is a real challenge for my brain and my ears, which is explained by its Gregorian chant, dark mood, and polyphony. The most enjoyable music for me was Piano Sonata no. 8 in C Minor, op. 13 ( Pathétique Sonata) (III) by Ludwig van Beethoven, which is explained by its monophonic texture, a variety of emotions and moods in it, its powerful chords, and its romantic spirit. In general, learning the information from chapters 9 to 11 did not change my mind because I have already had my specific vision of classic music relevance during the current period of time, and of course, I could not learn anything revolutionary in these chapters. Also, I cannot say that I was disappointed by the music that was considered during the course. Classical music is classical music, its nature is more or less the same, and the ideas conveyed in it are also very similar, especially in the music pieces belonging to the same period; thus, I accept classical music without any disappointments. After reading chapters 9 to 11, I only have one question – “Is it possible to create something like classical music (I mean something of lasting value) in the modern-day conditions?” The other thoughts I had after reading the chapters were concentrated around the variables that make classical music appealing for people during centuries. In particular, I am quite amazed by the fact that there are still many people who enjoy classical music even now, but popular music is ‘dead’ after a couple of decades – so I wonder what the difference between them is.

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