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Over the Counter Acne Medicine

Acne emergence is, perhaps, the most serious problem for teenagers caused by the sebaceous glands excretion. The sedum imbalance is caused by the rapid hormonal changes connected with adolescence period (Zand et al 81). The fact is that the skin is the most vulnerable organ that is quickly affected by the hormonal processes within the organism. The seriousness of acne problems, just like the acne treatment, can vary depending on the type of the skin and its propensity for it. Therefore, there is an urgent necessity to identify the most effective non-prescribed acne medicines relying on the reasons and conditions of acne appearance.

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As it has been mentioned before, the most common contributor to acne problem is a hormonal process, the preconditions of which may vary. One of the most spread reasons for organism reconstruction is connected with puberty. Pregnancy is another reason for short-lived hormonal imbalance among women. What is more serious is the acne appearance because of emotional stress and external irritation. In this case, acne is an unusual phenomenon requiring a detailed consideration (Zand et al. 81). Still, despite of age and reasons, acne calls for an appropriate treatment using both conventional and prescribed medicines.

Before choosing the traditional, over the counter acne treatment, it is necessary to determine the seriousness of the problem, as negligence can lead to more complications. If it is a mild acne form, then the best treatment can be imposed by the application of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

Benzoyl peroxide is more efficient in treating inflammatory acne. It has been available in many countries for several decades. This is also the first proven efficient topical treatment for acne vulgaris (Cunliffe 255). However, the problem is that the effectiveness of this medication directly depends on the dose ratios studies. Hence, it has been assumed that different level of benzoyl peroxide concentration influence the process of acne treatment. According to the studies, an increased ratio of benzoyl peroxide should work better but can cause skin irritation. It should be stressed that this agent has a bacterial action but still it is hard to adjust to it quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to start with a lower concentration up to the higher one. In a whole, benzoyl peroxide is more efficient in combination with different antibiotics that significantly minimize bacterial resistance. In practice, this agent is available in cream, lotion, and gel where the latter has the strongest effect on the skin in terms of its effectiveness. Still has a drying and irritation action on the skin and therefore it is not recommended for a sensitive skin.

The effectiveness of benzoyl peroxide has been tested according to the four main factors fostering acne aggravation: exceeded sebum exertion, comedogenesis, inflammation production, and microbial colonization. In this respect, the effect of the cleansing medicine is doubtful as far as sebum excretion is concerned. The studies of benzoyl peroxide impact on comedo appearance show that this medication has low rate of efficacy. The previous results cannot be compared with the effectiveness of benzoyl peroxide in terms of elimination of ductal bacteria (Confide 255).

In comparison with the medication mentioned above, the salicylic acid has a better reputation in treatment of acne. This fact is proved if you consider that microcomedone is the precursor of acne problems. Hence, salicylic acid is a powerful medication for comedo treatment due to its keratolytic activity. What is more important is that this medicine has a strong antibacterial action proved both in theoretical and practical studies (Webster et al 130). The testing has also demonstrated the SA anti-inflammatory action. The experiment was topically applied to the guinea pigs by using the concentration varying from 0.5 % to 5 %. The studies have discovered the high efficiency of products containing salicylic acid available in cream, lotions and masks (Webster 130).

The main advantage of salicylic acid over benzoyl peroxide lies in a less irritation effect on the skin, which is combined with its exfoliating properties. It is also more effective for acne treatment at earlier stages This medication has a relatively small impact on the acne comedolytic activity in comparison with such substances as tretinoin and isotretinoin (Baran 426). These indices constitute the necessity of using SA and benzoyl peroxide in combination with other medicines in order to enhance the effectiveness and to minimize the side effects of acne therapy.

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Of course, there are methods and approaches of treatment but they have not been verified yet. In that regard, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are considered the greatest contributors to acne treatment. Both medicines have different levels of effectiveness if you consider the type of the skin, the reasons of acne formation and the concentration percentage used in acne therapy. Still, choosing between these two, benzoyl peroxide is more appropriate for acne treatment among teenagers whereas the SA would be desirable for complicated cases. Apart from this remedy, a successful acne treatment also consists in a regular daily washing of the affected areas.

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