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Paranormal Phenomena in Nursing


There are many attitudes towards healing and approaches to be applied in nursing practice. Martha Rogers is one of the theorists known for her futuristic views about nursing and the intention to conceptualize the interaction between a person and the environment (Smith, 2018).

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Her theory of Emergence of Paranormal Phenomena focuses on paranormal manifestations in this type of relationship and explains the effects of distant healing and various energy therapies. In other words, pandimensional practices can be theoretically approved and identified in nursing. In this paper, pandimensional awareness will be discussed to investigate the worth of healing practices, and overall attitude towards the paranormal phenomenon, and the effectiveness of pandimensional healing in healthcare settings.

Pandimensional Practice Essence

In my opinion, pandimensional can be defined as something that is beyond a personal understanding of reality. This term covers the events that are hard to explain by means of the already known and proved theories and rules. Therefore, instead of searching some clear explanations and evidence, it is easier for people to say that some paranormal phenomena take place. In many cases, healthcare and medical experts believe that safeguarding is crucial for health promotion, and if patients respect the idea of paranormal in healing, specific strategies and practices need to be chosen (Donizzetti & Petrillo, 2017).

Personally, I want to believe in the theory developed by Rogers about the Emergence of Paranormal Phenomena. In some situations, it is hard to find a rational solution to a health problem, and the only thing that is left is to believe that some extraordinary powers. Although I have not yet experienced this practice in my life, believing is something that cannot be taken from me.

Examples and Personal Attitudes

The examples of healing practices that may fall within Rogers’ theoretical perspectives vary. Some patients find it effective to trust their health in the hands of people who offer energy therapies like therapeutic touch, praying, or meditation (Smith, 2018). In some cultures, spiritual connection plays an important role, and the results of healing depend on how well they ask for forgiveness or help. Despite the right to have personal opinions and attitudes, nurses must respect any healing practice and apply paranormal phenomena to nursing care. Special rooms for meditation, small churches within hospitals, and communication with patients about their religious beliefs and norms are possible nursing interventions.


It is hard to evaluate the effectiveness of paranormal phenomena in healing practice because people cannot offer clear and evidence-based explanations to what actually happens in such a care process. Therefore, the evaluation may be based on such factors as patient satisfaction, the presence/absence of positive outcomes of care, the development of trustful relationships between a nurse, a patient, and his/her family. An overall condition of a patient after a paranormal healing practice occurs is the best explanation if it is necessary or dangerous to support pandimensional healing.


In general, there is no one common attitude towards paranormal phenomena and pandimensional activities in nursing practice. Sometimes, spiritual well-being, respect to traditions, and cultural ceremonies are necessary to motivate patients and their families. Martha Rogers offered a clear and well-defined theory to support the possibility of these practices. Although paranormal healing can hardly be accepted by nurses around the whole world, a chance for this practice’s effectiveness still exists and cannot be neglected.

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