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Patient-Centered Care and Its Applications


The modern health care industry requires a more thorough approach to the process of services provided to the patients. In other words, it has to have a thorough patient-centered approach to be effective these days. The concept of patient-centered care is a powerful approach in today’s health practice, according to which nurses should focus on the unique needs of each patient. The concept is critical in terms of providing patients with professional nursing services. It is the only way to enhance positive medical behaviors and attitudes. It should be noted that such an approach to caregiving is not only appropriate but the most correct as well. The full understanding of the importance of a patient-centered care concept facilitates the process of designing and delivering the most appropriate and effective care. Considering the features of the patient-centered care concept, the paper is aimed at examining the patient-centered care definition and the importance of it for different areas of application.

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Patient-Centered Care

Patient-centered care is the approach to caregiving based on the full understanding of the needs of each patient, considering the peculiarities of his/her condition and other relative issues. The superiority of a patient, in this case, can be explained by the need for the highest efficiency of the provided care to achieve the best possible results in each case (Hood, 2014). Patient-centered care is similar to family-focused care in terms of the outcomes: in family-focused care, a family is a patient provided with highly-personalized health care services. Pediatrics, for example, can be called patient-centered care. The article states that “pediatrics residents have a self-perceived patient-centered attitude that is consistently positive throughout training” (Mann, Hoffman, Miller, Chadwick, & Bratcher, 2013, p. 39). It is clear that such an approach can provide only benefits to the patients and their families since health care professionals consider both peculiarities of the patient’s condition and the family health situation.


The understanding of the importance of patient-centered care is the basis for the delivery of high-quality health care services. Only the professionals of the highest level are capable of having both comprehensive and focused attitudes to the patients’ health issues (Hood, 2014). Patient-centered care is important for nurses as well so that they could provide patients with high-quality care. Diagnosis and treatment plan are not all aspects of caregiving. Nursing practices include pediatrics, intensive care, elderly care, and others (Mann et al., 2013). All these practices require different approaches, but they also require a patient-centered approach. A professional nurse has to be patient-focused to be able to fulfill any particular needs of patients. Most importantly, a professional nurse must realize the importance of such an approach to be as effective as possible.


Summing, patient-centered care can be defined as an evidence-based approach to medical delivery, focusing on the ever-changing needs of the targeted patient. It is in the best interests of nurses and physicians to deliver the care of high quality to promote the best outcomes for health. The paper examined the major features of patient-centered care and their relevance for different areas of application. It appears that patient-centered care is a powerful concept in the health care sphere that has substantial potential to improve the services of the healthcare industry according to the particular needs of the different populations. The professional paper presents powerful concepts, able to transform the quality of medical services.


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