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Pediatric Nursing Overview and Analysis

  • At first, the nurse should mention that atraumatic care is supposed to minimize the physiological and psychological distress experienced by children and their parents (Perry, Hockenberry, Leonard, & Wilson, 2014). In particular, one should consider the impacts of hospitalization on families. Additionally, atraumatic techniques can help George and Martha overcome their anxiety. It is one of the challenges faced by the parents whose child has been diagnosed with pneumonia. Apart from that, the nurse should note that this technique can minimize the segregation of parents and children because this experience is very disturbing. Overall, these methods can make their experiences more tolerable.
  • Additionally, it is necessary to discuss the role of child life specialists. These people can help children adjust to medical procedures that are often very painful. In some cases, their responses can be driven by panic and fear. In turn, child life specialists can alleviate their anxiety. Apart from that, they make parents more informed about the way in which a disease can be managed (Kyle, 2008, p. 56). So, they will feel more confident. It is one of the qualities that they often lack.
  • Overall, nurses can take several steps to reduce the physical stress of Libby and her parents. For instance, they can provide the medication that can alleviate the pain experienced by patients struggling with pneumonia. Nevertheless, they should carefully measure the dosage of medication. Additionally, they should offer accommodations for parents who should have a good sleep. In many cases, these people are severely affected by sleep deprivation. This precaution can make them more resilient to other stressors.
  • The nurse should note that family-centered care has to achieve several objectives. At first, it is supposed to help a person who struggles with a health problem. However, this technique is also used to assist the relatives of this individual. These people can struggle with various difficulties such as the lack of knowledge about the illness (Kyle, 2008, p. 324). Furthermore, family-centered care enables relatives to become more skilled in the management of this disease. This task is critical at the stage when a patient is discharged from the hospital. Overall, this approach can significantly empower families. It can benefit the parents of a child who sustained the fracture of the thigh bone.
  • A nurse can apply several verbal strategies to assist Jacob and his parents. At first, they need to avoid the use of medical jargon that often seems confusing and disquieting (Kyle, 2008, p. 258). For instance, parents may not understand such a word as the femur. Instead, one should apply its equivalent, the thigh bone. Additionally, this medical worker should not use the words that can disturb the child or his relatives. For instance, such an adjective as serious may imply that the boy will be permanently crippled. Furthermore, the nurse should rely on the non-verbal communication. In particular, hugging, touching, and caressing can be very helpful. These techniques can produce a soothing impact on the child. Moreover, nurses should use gestures to describe the actions that they are going to take. In many cases, children or their parents cannot understand medical terminology. In turn, non-verbal communication is helpful for alleviating their anxiety.
  • Health literacy can be defined as the ability to find, analyze, and understand the information about various issues such as treatment, diseases, and other issues related to medicine. This nurse can apply different methods to explain different aspects of Jacob’s care. This medical worker should involve the parents in the process of treatment. For instance, they need to observe the exercises that should be done by people who sustained the fracture of the thigh bone. Moreover, it is necessary to discuss every potential risk to which this child can be exposed.

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Kyle, T. (2008). Essentials of Pediatric Nursing. New York, NY: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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Perry, S., Hockenberry, M., Leonard, D., & Wilson, D. (2014). Maternal Child Nursing Care. New York, NY: Elsevier Health Sciences.

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