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Personal and Psychosocial Effects of Rape

Dynamics of rape

Sexual intercourse or coming into close body contact with an individual without the consent of that person is referred to as rape. The perpetrator might use force or coercion to obtain sexual favors. The victim might also be incapacitated to resist being raped (Winkler, 2002, p.6).

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For a long time, people thought that the victims who were only prone to rape were the young and attractive ladies, ladies who engage in promiscuous behavior and the poor. However, research has shown that any person, regardless of his or her behavior and social status is at the risk of being raped.

Some men have, for a long time, claimed to rape women because the women wore indecent clothes. The motive of rape is however the desire by men to portray their strength and the men knowing that they could easily get away with rape. Indecency is just a mere excuse.

The perpetrators come from different races and cultures. Research has shown that the perpetrators come from different races and also attack women from different races. It was believed that black men attacked white ladies. However, rape cases are reported in all races at almost equal rates.

Men are also exposed to rape. 9% of the victims are men, who are not necessarily gay. Most men use alcohol to entice their victims (Marvasti, 2004, p.54).

Social and cultural factors that expose victims to rape

The society has always viewed the victim as the one who caused the rape. Due to new modes of dressing, women tend to wear short dresses and clothes that expose some of their body parts. Most men have condemned this as they claim that the women sexually invoke them. The men term this as indecent mode of dressing. However, men use that as an excuse to commit rape.

Permissiveness in the society has also increased the cases of rape. Some of the people, especially the youth, engage in drug abuse and reckless behavior. Some women engage in prostitution. Drug and substance abuse can make a person engage in activities that he or she would not engage in under normal circumstances. Prostitutes are at a higher risk of being raped because the perpetrators believe that they cannot report to the police for fear of being arrested for engaging in prostitution. Criminals also view rape as a way of showing their authority in the streets.

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Most of the perpetrators are close friends and relatives to the victims. They are people who know the victims well enough. The victims are thus reluctant to report rape cases because they fear that the perpetrators might harm them after they have served their sentences in prison (Gill, 1998, p.48). They also fear that reporting them would be a betrayal of their friendship. They thus prefer to keep quiet and avoiding meeting the perpetrators.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can sometimes expose a lady to rape as she cannot control her body. However, some men provide alcohol or drugs to the victims to make them fall asleep fast hence unable to resist attack.

Personal and psychosocial effects of rape

First, rape causes fear and anxiety to the victims. It the victim passes near the place where he or she was sexually assaulted, he or she might be frightened a lot. Any noise or situation that would remind the victim of the occurrence might scare him or her a lot. The victims often feel nervous after the ordeal. They also tremble from time to time and become restless.

The bodies of the victims become increasingly sensitive and aroused. They believe that they are on danger at all times hence their bodies are alert at all times. They have an increased heart beat and often find it difficult to sleep (Grubin, 2001, p.112).

Rape can also lead to depression and stress. The victims often think about the occurrences over and over again. This can make them experience stress and often lead to depression.

Rape makes the victims to have a negative believe about other people. They tend to relate the perpetrators with people from their gender or race. For example, a woman who has been raped may think that all men are capable of sexually assaulting a lady. This makes it hard for the victims to interact with other people. She might also find it difficult to be in a relationship.

Forms of rape

There are different forms of rape depending on the motive of rape, place where rape occurred and the age of the victims. They include marital rape. This is whereby one spouse has sexual intercourse with his or her marriage partner without his or her consent.. Prison rape is sexual assault that takes place in prisons (Grubin, 2001, p.62). Mostly the victims and perpetrators of prison rape are of the same gender. Acquaintance rape is whereby the perpetrator is a close friend of the victim.

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