Personal Nursing Philosophy in Practice


The healthcare sector is one of the main institutions that guarantee the existence of our society and promotes its further evolution. It provides people with qualified medical services that help them to remain healthy and perform numerous activities vital for the existence of the community. Moreover, the healthcare sector also improves the quality of patients life protecting them from various diseases.

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For these reasons, specialists working in the sphere have to accept the great responsibility resulting from the goals of healthcare. They should contribute to their personal and professional development to be able to meet all challenges and overcome them (Kutin, 2013). That is why there is a certain personal philosophy of a healthcare professional that determines his/her actions and efficiency.

Key concepts of my philosophy

As for myself, I accept the great importance of my occupation and adhere to certain concepts that impact my professional activity. First, I recognize the idea of patient-centeredness that implies the focus on the patients needs and desires. It is crucial to take these factors into account to create a positive environment that will contribute to the patients faster recovery. Additionally, I also accept the importance of the delivery of culturally competent care to patients belonging to various ethnic groups as it might contribute to their faster recovery. In general, my own nursing philosophy revolves around such concerns as efficiency, professionalism, and respect for the patients needs.


All these ideas result from the main meta paradigms of nursing which create the basis for the delivery of nursing care. They revolve around such general components as a person, nursing, environment, and health (Loyola & Malinis, n.d.). One realizes that these notions condition the functioning of any nurse. I recognize their great significance and adhere to the principles introduced by them. In my view, the metaparadigm of a person is the most important one, and it implies focusing on the main patients needs. We should care about them create an environment that could promote their recovery. Moreover, the nursing parading underlines the importance of the delivery of optimal health outcomes (Cruz, n.d.). The combination of all these paradigms forms my own nursing philosophy.

Their impact on the practice

Besides, the given philosophy also promotes my better understanding of the main duties of a nurse and the most important aspects of the occupation. It means that I adhere to the basic principles which result from the consideration of meta paradigms in my nursing practice. I always care about the state of the patient and try to create a positive environment. Moreover, I recognize the necessity of professional competence to deliver the best health outcomes. For this reason, I continue my professional development investigating some new practices and studying the newest researches devoted to nursing care. I am deeply sure that the adherence to these strategies is determined by my own philosophy based on the main meta paradigms.

Strengths and weaknesses of my philosophy

Finally, I believe that I move in the right direction and improve my personal and professional skills to become a better specialist and help people. One of the main strengths of my philosophy is its positive impact on my personality and consciousness. However, there are also some limitations conditioned by my own approach. The lack of some theoretical knowledge about the health component could be taken as one of these limitations, but I still try to improve this very aspect.


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