Pharmacologic Industry Impact on Human Ecology


Human ecology addresses significant topics related to the interaction of individuals and their natural and social environments. One of the issues it may address is the environmental impact of industries. This paper provides a summary of the article that discusses the effects of the pharmacologic industry on human ecology. The purpose of the analysis is to reveal the impact of the field on individuals and the environment and examine how the existing problems could have been minimized. The paper concludes that it is vital to implement changes as soon as possible because the world’s population is already experiencing severe damage to the ecology.

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Main body

The selected article provides an analysis of the environmental impact of the pharmacologic industry and suggests methods of development of eco-pharmacy. Kotvitska et al. report that the components of pharmacy affect human ecosystems and the planet significantly (522). The growing production of the medicine may be associated with the increased number of pathogens and can lead to severe damage to the environment and epidemics.

According to the article, the pollution of soil, air, and water can result in the enhanced prevalence of allergies, cardiovascular and oncological diseases, and changes in the endocrine and immune systems (Kotvitska et al. 522). The main claim of the study is that it is vital to develop an interdisciplinary approach to eliminate the impact of the pharmacologic industry on ecology. Such a strategy may include the collection of unsuitable drugs from the population, safe disposal of medications, and the proper analysis of pollution parameters.

One of the potential disadvantages of the article is that it lacks scientific accuracy. While the authors refer to various sources on the topic and present experimental data for several outlined issues, some of their claims are not supported by evidence. For instance, the link between severe health conditions and the impact of the pharmacological industry is not derived from an external source and can be considered the authors’ hypothesis.

It is possible to say that the article is related to the goals of human ecology as it advocates for the elimination of environmental effects associated with human activities, the production of pharmacological products in particular. It offers solutions that align with the principles of sustainability and the preservation of natural resources. The problems addressed in the article, including extensive pollution and the effects of manufacturing on individuals’ health, could have been avoided if the production process, in general, had been more ecology-oriented from the beginning. For instance, companies could have reused excessive materials or implement strategies aimed to reduce pollution. However, many manufacturers potentially lacked tools to incorporate sustainable approaches at the beginning of the industry.

In today’s world, companies have access to various strategies that can minimize their impact on ecology. By choosing to invest in innovations and technologies, they may reduce pollution and harm to humans, animals, and plants significantly. The current ecological situation shows that actions to improve the situation should be taken as soon as possible. Environmental research can be one of the steps individuals can implement to address the problem and enhance public awareness of it.


The selected article shows that the pharmacological industry contributes to the damage of the environment significantly. The changes within production companies and their approaches to sustainability are necessary as it is vital to eliminate their impact on ecology. In addition, environmental research is one of the crucial steps to enhancing the public understanding of current ecological problems. Further studies on the issue may suggest other cost-effective changes in manufacturing processes.

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