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Nursing Philosophy of Advanced Practice Nurse

Whenever a patient is brought to the hospital, his or her family members are the first to get to the hospital to give the required support. The role of a nurse is to ensure that the patient regains his or her state of wellness as quickly as possible. I am acquainted with sufficient knowledge about the power of providing a serene emotional environment in promoting health for patients; hence, my nursing philosophy is deeply enshrined in the values of providing a conducive environment to promote psychological health. This requires the integration of the efforts of the nurse and the patient’s relatives and friends to help fight the emotional stress that is associated with illnesses. My goal as an advanced nurse in practice is to promote the wellness of the wellness status of patients by enlightening their family members about the best ways to improve the psychological wellness of their loved ones. My aim is to promote health awareness to the entire family to ensure people have knowledge about the best way to handle their relatives when they fall sick.

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Nightingale’s model proposes that nurses should always be compelled to do whatever it takes to ensure their patients attain fast improvements in their health. One of the strategies that Nightingale advocated is the development of a serene environment within the hospital to ensure patients can relax and eliminate their psychological stress. While the elimination of physical pain is important in the development of wellness for patients, the elimination of emotional pain is equally significant. In most cases, family members and friends hold the key to eliminating emotional stress in patients. As an advanced practice nurse, my philosophy is to always strive to meet this requirement of Nightingale’s model. I am committed to providing an effective line of defense for patients to fight stress.

The global healthcare system is currently dealing with many illnesses that require the patients to adopt management practices for the respective diseases. This calls for advanced practice nurses to assume a hands-on approach to teaching patients how to manage their illnesses, and to provide their family members with support in helping the patients. My philosophy as an advanced practice nurse is to become instrumental in developing educational campaigns to facilitate the relevant information in the management of some of the serious illnesses like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular complications. I aspire to go beyond the basic tasks of prescribing and diagnosing. My goal is to make a difference in the approach in nursing, whereby I will compel my colleagues to take an extra step to teach patients and their family members about the management of different illnesses. I am also inspired to develop a campaign that will educate the community about the benefits of getting preventive health care. This means that my career will be inclined toward being a nurse educator.

I believe that the time spent enlightening the community about health issues is quite important in the prevention of some of the serious diseases that the current health care system is facing. As an advanced practice nurse, it will be my obligation to ensure that the health of the community is promoted by conducting cross-sectional studies to identify the underlying health issues, and mounting the required countermeasures. My career will be focused on not only making a difference in the community but also developing an effective model of practice that is inspired by the teachings of Florence Nightingale.

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