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Pompey’ Character in the Play “Antony and Cleopatra”


The play, Antony and Cleopatra, revolves around a tragedy based on the relationship between Mark Antony and Cleopatra. The play depicts a scene that covers the events of the 15th century, which surround the wars of the Roman Empire. Remarkably, the geographical context of the play is the regions of Egypt and Rome. Some of the main characters in the play include Octavia, Mark Antony, Cleopatra, and Pompey, who is the son of the Pompey the Great. Therefore, the essay examines the concepts of goodness, appropriateness, likeness, and consistency in the life of Pompey.

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The play presents Pompey as a character, who loves god’s assistance and believes in the activities of men with good morals and integrity. In the play, Pompey poses as a character, who believes in love and thus, champions for the love of people. Furthermore, Pompey argues that people fight in wars when they fail to resolve their differences using all avenues. Pompey is led by good reputation and respect for others, but not selfish desires and obsessions. The good reputation gained by Pompey reflects his willingness to abide by the rules of the prevailing authorities. The willingness of Pompey to negotiate for peace before the war is a notable sign of goodness, which supersedes speech and extends into an act of kindness. Therefore, Pompey earns the respect and love from the people, as well as his warriors.

The advices that Pompey gives to his soldiers concerning strategies of fighting are some of the acts that demonstrate his good nature and personality. According to Shakespeare, Pompey gives advice to his soldiers on aspects relating to war, and how to engage the enemy in combat the zones (7). Through the advices, Pompey tries to ensure that his warriors are unhurt during the war and that they end up as the best warriors in the war. The signing of the peace treaty, as a means of ending conflicts, depicts Pompey as an advocate for peace and steward for people in the warring regions like Egypt and Rome. Moreover, Pompey encourages boldness and bravery, since they are the elements of success, and hence, offers advice to people like Menas, his warrior.


In the play, Pompey, the son of the late Great Pompey, always has two men, Menecrates and Menas, who are always by his side to help him during the war. Pompey holds the position of the Roman general in the Roman republic. Shakespeare explains that Pompey acts demonstrate values such as honor and dignity in handling the affairs of the war and personal life (4). These values were essential in the life of a character equivalent to Pompey. Thus, Pompey displays a certain level of appropriateness in the method in which he manages personal and professional aspects of his life. The values of good reputation and respect that Pompey demonstrates make him earn respect from his warriors and gain love from the people since the values are in line with his personality and stature.

Integrity, passion, and honor are the main values that characterize the life of Pompey, and therefore, define his life. By using these values, the life of Pompey reflects an appropriate personality and places him in the right niche of the society. Furthermore, Pompey acts in a way that portrays an individual, who does not condone any bad activities. Pompey’s nature of failing to condone any bad behavior is evident when Pompey discourages his soldiers from engaging in vices and criticizes Cleopatra a person, who is full of conflicts and destructive qualities. Hence, the appropriateness of Pompey in his position as a commander enables him and his soldiers to overcome their enemies in battlefields.


In the play, Antony and Cleopatra, Pompey is a character, who is admirable and respectful. The personality of Pompey is one that people across the ages can associate with since he depicts a good character and moral behavior. Passion, respect, and prudence demonstrated by Pompey are some of the values that are vital in good livelihoods and development of good relationships among individuals. The fact that Pompey uses these values to unite and lead his warriors explains the crucial nature of these values in human life. Shakespeare argues that the character of Pompey is one that defines a determined individual (10). As a result, people can associate themselves with the life and personality of Pompey.

The fact that Pompey was not an individual driven by selfishness and hatred made it possible for him to earn love and respect from his warriors and people. This behavior, which discourages selfishness and hatred, demonstrates a good character and thus, people can emulate it in the creation of good relationships. By using Pompey, Shakespeare presents a personality that is lifelike and complete with family biography (1). The use of a lifelike personality makes it possible for a person, who admires the character of Pompey to imitate him and adopt the strategies that he used. Additionally, the challenges that Pompey experienced during his lifetime creates a good benchmark that encourages people to move on despite any type of challenge. The drive to move on exists because Pompey is a very determined person in all situations irrespective of the prevailing state of affairs.

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The play, Antony and Cleopatra, revolves around two locations, which are Egypt and Rome. The play takes place in the scene that reflects a period that depicts Roman republic to be experiencing frequent wars. The play depicts consistency that enables people to understand the events that transpire. The flow of the play enabler readers to follow because it is practical and effective to decipher, and thus, develops a clear picture of the intended message in the minds of individuals. In the acts one to five of the play, Antony and Cleopatra, the events are very consistent and have a clear flow from the first to the final events (Shakespeare 2). Shakespeare presents the history of Pompey in a manner that is clear and evidently provides a connection between the two locations that facilitated the events of the play, Rome and Egypt.

The play employs Rome and Egypt as the places where Octavia, Mark Antony, Cleopatra, and Pompey, the son of the Great Pompey execute their activities. The play provides a link that connects the two locations and relates them effectively. As a result, the play makes the life of Pompey consistent and creates a lead that makes it possible to relate his character, the places, as well as his behavior. It is vital to note that the consistency that Shakespeare employs is essential for a good understanding of the events that takes place during the time of the character in question, Pompey.


Pompey is one of the characters in the play, Antony and Cleopatra, who demonstrates a unique character and personality. Pompey is a character that Shakespeare uses in Anthony and Cleopatra and appears in the first scene in the second part of the play. In the play, Pompey exhibits behaviors that qualify the provisions of Aristotle, which include goodness, appropriateness, likeness, and consistency. Therefore, Shakespeare employs Pompey and his life to demonstrate goodness, appropriateness, likeness, and consistency that are the concepts of Aristotle

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