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Positive Qualities of Hotel Staff: Hilton Sydney

Background Information

Hilton Hotels & Resorts is a global brand of luxury and full-service hotels operating in multiple countries around the globe. The company accounts for more than 215 thousand rooms in 85 countries and areas across six continents, including Australia. In Sydney, the Hilton Hotel is located on 488 George street, which is a central location for a five-star hotel (“Hilton Sydney,” 2020). Hilton Sydney offers visitors easy access to the most popular attractions of the city, including the Opera House, Bondi Beach, and Darling Harbor. Moreover, inside the hotel, visitors can enjoy a variety of attractions, such as award-winning restaurants and modern guest rooms with the latest amenities.

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The Hilton Hotel in Sydney targets customers with high expectations of quality and service, which points to the need for hiring skilled personnel that would serve their clients. For example, there is the Zeta Bar located at the rooftop terrace of the hotel as well as a restaurant brasserie, One Hat, under the leadership of celebrity chef Luke Mangan. Such top-quality dining amenities require the engagement of employees who are highly skilled in servicing clients and could ensure an unforgettable experience for the restaurants’ guests. Thus, because of the variety of services and amenities available at Hilton Sydney, the staff should have the highest level of preparation and expertise in the sphere of hospitality services.

When it comes to the positive qualities of personnel at Hilton Hotel Sydney, it is crucial that the workers are friendly to the visitors, exhibit high levels of professionalism, are knowledgeable of their work, as well as are efficient and attentive to the needs of their guests. When workers have these qualities and exhibit them in their interactions with clients, the latter are more likely to be satisfied and leave positive feedback about the hotel.

Friendliness is an important indicator because it is one of the measures of customer satisfaction on hotel-related websites. Raising the levels of friendliness is important because staff may sometimes show frustration in their communication, which would be negatively reflected in the hotel’s image (Mullen, 2019). Being professional ensures a positive first impression and a lasting reputation while knowledgeable staff can assure clients that they chose the right hotel for their needs. It is also necessary to have attentive staff who would listen to the demands and the feedback of clients to provide the best quality service at the Hilton Hotel Sydney.

Research Ethics

In researching the desired qualities that employees at such hotels as Hilton Sydney should have, it is imperative to communicate with staff directly as well as hotel visitors who could give their feedback. Because of the need to deal with individual participants, ethics should be considered as they represent moral principles that researchers should follow in answering their questions. Research ethics focuses on moral principles that scholars should follow in their work. These moral principles matter in academic research because they are concerned with providing maximum benefits to study participants. By maintaining research ethics when dealing with hotel personnel and guests, it is possible to ensure research integrity.

Moreover, research ethics is crucial for preserving the interests of potential study participants as well as their anonymity in the case if they do not want to reveal their identity. Making ethical decisions is possible when researchers are committed to ethical principles and choose ethical behaviors regardless of the nature of the study (Resnik, 2015). Ethics are also essential for determining the authenticity of the facts and evaluating the credibility of the information. Besides, ethics in research will allow building trust between scholars and participants. Trust is important because it would facilitate the sharing of valuable information that would contribute to the study at hand.

Importance of the Study

The report expects to reveal important information on the positive qualities of hotel staff using the example of Hilton Sydney. Successful hospitality employees are not born; rather, they are being consistently trained in order to facilitate the qualities contributing to the high satisfaction of visitors with the quality of services provided to them at hotels. Not only are hotel employees expected to show excellent communication skills when engaging with guests but also show high levels of decision-making. The latter is concerned with being efficient and knowledgeable as these qualities would facilitate making the decisions that would benefit the experiences of hotel guests.

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Since Hilton is a company that has operated in the hospitality industry for decades, using its experience as an example of high-quality service may shed light on best practices. The feedback given by customers from around the globe who stayed at Hilton Sydney could illustrate what the hotel has done well as well as what should be improved eventually. Overall, the report will be useful for offering first-hand perspectives on the work of the hospitality industry. Exploring the perspectives of hotel guests and the staff is important because of the possible differences in their views, thus providing a full view of the problem.


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