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Pregnancy, Human Development and Heredity

Pregnancy can be defined with respect to time and as a condition. With respect to time, it is the period from conception to childbirth (Hale, Saunders & Margham, 2005).

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It is vital to understand the physiological concepts that revolve around pregnancy and their implication in human development and heredity. Below are some of the concepts with their explanations.

Ovarian Cycle

Ovulation is concerned with the physiological changes in the ovary with respect to the time an ovary is released till possible fertilization. It is divided into the follicular phase and the proliferative phase. This cycle can be affected by stress, an interrupt of usual schedules, and sickness, which can lead to variations in ovulation. It is vital to napte the date and time when fertilization of an ovary can occur with respect to a sperm cell’s life after sexual intercourse (Losos et al., 2002).

Uterine Cycle

The uterine cycle is primarily concerned with the changes in the uterus. It occurs in concurrence with the ovarian cycle. If it is the follicular phase in the ovarian cycle, then it implies a proliferative phase in the uterine cycle and if it is the luteal phase in the ovarian cycle, then it implies the secretory phase in the uterine cycle. This concept dwells much on ovulation, which is important in determining the possible time pregnancy will or will not occur within a woman’s monthly cycle (Lovejoy & Lovejoy, 2011).


This is the prenatal stage of human development which happens 9 days after fertilization of the ovum and its attachment to the uterus. A success in implantation implies fertility (David, Barsyte & Wiley, 2011). On the other hand, stress and inherited family traits affect fertility in women (Anil, Dubey & DeCherney, 2012).

Dilation Stage

Commonly referred to as cervical dilation is divided into four phases as Latent, Active, Labor, Transition Complete (Morton, 1989). This determines a successful delivery or a miscarriage. This concept can take place naturally or prompt through medication. In case a mother’s bone structure cannot allow such, a caesarian section birth is done. This will, in turn, affect future pregnancies.

Expulsion stage

Also known as the placental, the expulsion stage occurs roughly an hour after the baby is born where it separates physiologically from the uterus. However, this can be retained and lead to infections and hemorrhage on the mother’s side. This concept is vital in reference to the growth and physiological development of a mother (Ricci & Kyle, 2009).

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Knowledge is a vital tool for transforming today’s society. Pregnancy and Nursing as a social science plays a key role in understanding our physiological processes and body make up. The knowledge gained, I intent to apply the fundamentals in the uterine cycle to note the days my periods will occur. This is vital as it will enable me to understand and be well prepared for it. In birth control, I am more informed on the specific days pregnancy can occur. This is vital for birth control especially for those women who are not on the pills. I am more secure and informed in this matter and intent to lend this information to my fellow students by way of advising and forwarding them copies of my research.

In this quarter, I have noticed that a change in diet, having stress, and disruption of my regular schedule can lead to a variation in my menstrual cycle. However, in my last month, I have maintained a normal schedule and the results are consistent. My predictions and dates match. This can only be attributed to the knowledge I gained through this. In the following quarters, I intent to maintain my schedule and program and take up medical checkups to assess my ovarian quality and productivity with respect to fertility. It is every woman’s wish to have a successful birth from fertilization or conception to delivery without miscarry. Prenatal care is important for having a health and well-nourished child during birth. The knowledge I have gained has opened up keen interest in gynecology as a field and I intent to further pursue it.


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