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Procurement Management: Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

Now that Team B has been selected as the wedding consultant, this paper will provide a briefing of the factors that should be taken care of in the process of soliciting, selecting, negotiating with, and launching the wedding photographer. The light shall be shed upon this four-stage project from the perspective of the wedding coordinator and the variables to keep in mind on each step of the process.

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Photographic Style

When beginning the search for the right photographer, it is important that a meeting is kept with the clients to determine their expectations from the photographer that the wedding coordinator arranges for the wedding. It is necessary to make sure that a clear perspective of the desired photographic style that the clients require is obtained from them.


Time is a crucial element in wedding planning and with a host of other matters on the shoulders of the wedding coordinator, it is important that time is saved by approaching photographers who have shown a respectable record in the past and preferably have been approved by reliable contacts.


The chemistry between the Photographer, Client, and Wedding Consultant

It is necessary that the chemistry that ensures productive coordination in the future is present between the photographer, the wedding coordinator, and the clients.

Professional Experience

Small business photographers who cater to small-budget weddings are more than often photographers who are in the business as a hobby or simply for the fun of it. It should be determined whether or not the photographer has attained sufficient professional experience to be considered competent enough in his field of work. The website can be a handy tool to review samples of the photography service’s work.

The appearance of the photographer

It is to be made sure that the prospective photographer has the same degree of sophistication as that of the clients and will dress in attire that will not spoil the theme of the wedding.


Attitude towards unexpected changes in the program

It is also important that it is ensured that the package being offered by the photographer has an understanding attitude towards any unforeseen changes that the client may ask for during the course of the wedding. Issues regarding additional costs of changing plans and the sort should be discussed with the photographer and should not be left to the proceeding of the program.

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Price Range

One of the most important factors to determine whether or not a photographer will be used is the factor of pricing. That is because a careful evaluation has to be made through comparison and the analysis drawn from the above-mentioned factors whether or not the photographer is worth the expenditure and if the price being charged is justified or not with respect to the quality and timing of the final work being delivered to the client.


Delivery Issues

It is also important that the payment vs. delivery structure that the photographer offers is to the customer’s liking. For instance, a delivery made too late without offering a good enough degree of quality can serve to frustrate the client.

Terms & Conditions

The terms of deposit and the breakdown of payments should be carefully negotiated in order to be perfectly clear about the Terms & Conditions that the photographer has and the final contract should be reread before signing in order to ensure that no accidental additions or omissions have occurred other than the terms and conditions previously agreed upon.

Assigned Photographer

Most photography services have a number of field photographers who they send out to do the assignment. It is important that it is confirmed as to which person will be assigned to the wedding and a preview of the work of the person is seen before giving the final verdict.

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