Project Management Change for Successful Projects

Project management change is the comprehensive policy that helps in planning capabilities that speed up the implementation of changes in business in order to reduce risks and disruptions ( The process maintains the views of all associated requests and service requirements showing the full business context of change operations at all points in the progression of change tasks. There are an number of changes that are always expected to take place in projects. This includes

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  1. schedule of the resource plan and risk response plans.
  2. Scope of the project statement, project requirements, project specification, and project budget and
  3. project quality plan.

Other changes takes place in this areas include; Risk Plan, Project Budget, Feasibility Report, Requirements Specification Document, Test Plan, Implementation Plan, User Documentation

Risk Management and Plan

To define Risk Management, the process of identifying risks, assessing their severity, planning measures to put in place if the risks arise and monitoring the project for risks. In this sense, risk must be identified, analyzed and dealt with by putting in place counter measures to deal with any potential threat to the project objectives. This fact of risk management is an essential matter for all projects as they can be vulnerable to potential risks. Therefore, I have tried to identify all the possible threat and plan contingency to avoid and deal with possible risk factors. A risk plan is needed to be formulated to assist in such management of risks.

The purpose of this change management process is to:-

  1. to make sure that all changes to the project are reviewed approved by all stakeholders in advance before changes implementation.
  2. to make sure there is proper project control and coordination.
  3. Identify and approve the project changes.
  4. to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the said changes.

Change management process involves a number of steps a number of defined steps, which include

  1. submission of written request about the changes needed.
  2. The review of the needed changes requests and approval or reject of the request.
  3. Once approved analysis is carried out of recommendations are made.
  4. Accept or reject the recommendation
  5. if the project is accepted the project documentation and plans are updated.
  6. Notification of the stakeholders about the changes.

A change request may be accepted or rejected. If rejected the notice is sent to the submitter about the reject. The same way the acceptance of the project changes will result to sending the notification to the submitter. The other side is the deferring of decision making this will be communicated also to the submitter.


A guide to the project Management body of knowledge: PMBOK guide -3rd Editions.

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