Quality and Safety Education for Nurses: Conceptual Model | Free Essay Example

Quality and Safety Education for Nurses: Conceptual Model

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It should be noted that QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses) is a project that has been initiated to promote essential security features into health care specialists’ preparation. Its aim in terms of undergraduate baccalaureate education is to expand the liability and autonomy of nurses through effective training and care delivery (QSEN Institute, 2017). The purpose of this paper is to review and explain the conceptual model QSEN has proposed to educate undergraduate students.

The framework suggested in the initiative intends to explain the main tenets of nursing education through six competencies. This list has been compiled to determine the essentials of education. The core tenets encompass such areas as (QSEN Institute, 2017):

  • patient-centered care;
  • quality improvement (QI);
  • teamwork and collaboration;
  • evidenced-based practice (EBP);
  • safety;
  • informatics.

Importantly, each of the competencies has a developed system of knowledge, skills, and attitude items. These domains are called KSA statements, and they explicitly exhibit the six fundamental principles. It is necessary to mention that the proposed conceptual model should serve as a platform for educators and employees to specify the gaps in curriculum and gradually eliminate them so that learning becomes effective to its fullest potential (QSEN Institute, 2017).

At present, the model offers more than 100 approaches for educators to employ. It suggests that educational institutions should place a particular emphasis on system factors, which play the primary role in nursing education (QSEN Institute, 2017). It can be achieved through changes to curriculum and practice. However, most importantly, the greatest role is given to nurse faculty and its evolvement so that they are capable of assessing the tenets and incorporating them in the current undergraduate baccalaureate education.


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