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Rational Decision-Making Model in Medical Practice


Ethics is one of the major concerns of the modern word. The coherent society could be characterized by the significant shift towards the humanistic approach and appreciation of the basic values like tolerance, respect, dignity, etc. In this regard, we could now observe the tendency towards the increased attention to ethics as one of the integral elements of equal attitude, respect, and preservation of humanness. Its basic concepts are applied to all spheres of human activity; however, the healthcare sector is the one where it becomes especially important. Working with individuals, health workers often face ethical dilemmas related to the state of a patient, his/her health, cooperation with relatives, quality of life, etc. (Mallari & Tariman, 2016). For this reason, they should be ready to analyze any case and find an appropriate solution.

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Ethical Dilemma

Delving into the suggested case, we could state that a specific ethical dilemma could be observed here. A 6-year-old boy has a high fever, violent vomiting, and convulsions. These symptoms indicate meningitis, and it is obvious that an immediate treatment should be started to save his life and guarantee recovery. However, a boy is not able to make decisions by his own. His stepmother has a primary custody and is able to approve the treatment. However, she is against any procedures as she belongs to a religious sect which prohibits any medical interference. We could observe an obvious ethical dilemma as stepmothers religious beliefs contradict to common sense and values appreciated by society in which a life of any human being is taken as the main treasure that should be protected. Besides, another dilemma could be found in the fact that the boys biological father insists on treatment, but he has no primary custody the stepmother does. It is obvious that a trial will take much time, though treatment should be started immediately as the boy will die in case the disease is disregarded. That is why a physician should make a complicated decision which will rest on the basic ethic concerns.


Analyzing the given case, we could state that the rational decision-making model should be explored to investigate the problem and introduce an appropriate solution to solve it (Chand, n.d.). It should be chosen as the case is complicated by numerous emotions and irrational beliefs that make the process of ethical dilemmas consideration more complex and might contribute to poor final results.


Thus, exploring the model, we could distinguish several facts. First, the boy will obviously die in case the disease is disregarded, and treatment is not started as meningitis is a severe illness with numerous complications. Second, it could be contagious, and the boy will be dangerous for society: for kids who play with him, and for his parents. Third, human life is the most important value of the modern world that should be appreciated and protected by all means. That is why there is the only possible solution that should be accepted here. Parents should be informed about the possible danger and their responsibility in case the medical assistance is not provided. A human life is protected by the law, and religious beliefs do not serve as the factor that might be considered when solving this dilemma. The boy should be placed in the hospital and provided with appropriate health care. The given solution could be taken as the only possible one as a physician is not able to let a child die (Parker, 2007).


Altogether, we could state that the given ethical dilemma appears when religious beliefs, some legal issues, and family relations prevent the child from obtaining the needed care and recovery. For this reason, a rational decision-making model should be applied to investigate the basic aspects of the given case and make parents accept and appropriate decision that will save the boys life and contribute to his speedy recovery.


Stepmother: What is wrong with my son and why should we listen to you?

Physician: Mrs. Smith, you probably do not understand the gravity of the situation. Let me explain you the problem. You see, your son suffers from meningitis. Do you know something about this disease?

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S: I am not sure.

P: It is an extremely serious illness that affects the brain and might cause numerous complications including death in case it is disregarded. I am pretty sure that we should start the treatment immediately or your son will die in a week. Do you hear me? Do you realize what I say?

S: You might be exaggerating to make me accept your proposal. I believe that God will protect the boy!

P: You might consult another specialist if you do not trust me. Anyone will say you the same. Meningitis is dangerous, and the boy could die. Do you think the God wants it? He sent this trial to us, and we could face it. We could save the boy. Besides, in case you do not accept this decision you will become responsible for his death and will be imprisoned. So I start treatment, and you sign here.


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