Rebranding Project for Local and Global Companies


The use of such marketing technique as rebranding can be effective for various reasons – insufficiently high consumer demand, inability to withstand competition in the market, and other factors. In order to assess the success of this method, five companies will be analysed to find the best ways to rebrand them. All of the organisations represented are known in their market segment, but certain obstacles are barriers for them, which do not allow them developing and making a profit comprehensively. The proposed rebranding strategies may be valuable if all the changes are implemented correctly and timely.

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Sketchers (Shoes/Slippers) Product

Despite the convenience of footwear that this company produces, it is still perceived by the population as a low-class organisation for the poor. In order to achieve increased customer interest, some steps can be taken. The rationale for marketing intervention is obvious since small demand certainly leads to losses.

Reasons for rebranding are as follows:

  • Low consumers’ activity and, as a result, the lack of profit.
  • The established stereotype of the brand’s low popularity.
  • The inability to compete with similar companies.

Rebranding methods may include the following procedures:

  • Changing the name of the company to a more modern one.
  • Focus on innovative marketing methods, including promotion through major online platforms.
  • Changing the company’s logo to avoid customer stereotypes.

All these measures may allow increasing profits since consumers will be interested in a new line of products from a well-known brand regardless of its reputation in the market. The company’s management will be able to increase the volume of production. Funds received during an active advertising campaign can be spent on expanding the sphere of influence and entering new markets in order to attract a wide range of consumers.

MyRepublic (Telecommunication) Service

The company’s quality work is not a criterion for its success because the need for rebranding is quite logical. This broadband seller provides modern and demanded services. Nevertheless, a number of obstacles arise in the way, which stops its natural development. As the reasons for the intervention, the following factors should be noted:

  • Recognition in narrow circles, mainly among young people.
  • High competition caused by the demand for these services.
  • Low ratings due to the popularity of other organisations in this area.

Possible intervention steps can be as follows:

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  • A sound name for attracting the attention of all the categories of the population.
  • Promotional services, for example, temporary free channel subscriptions.
  • Increasing the rating by attracting experienced marketers.

The results of the steps taken are the following ones:

  • Older adults learn about a new and convenient service.
  • The number of orders is increased due to discount cards.
  • Viewers’ activity increases, which makes it possible to multiply profits.

Love Confectionary (Cakes) Product

The reasons for this organisation’s rebranding include the following factors:

  • One outlet, which has a negative impact on profits.
  • Too strong affection for traditions, which limits the circle of buyers.
  • Inability to compete with other confectionery brands.

In case appropriate measures are taken, increased popularity can be achieved through rebranding:

  • Updating the name and the subsequent expansion of this brand’s confectionery network.
  • The focus is on all population groups, including the needs of older people and the interests of the youth.
  • Competent marketing moves, for instance, promotions to increase competitiveness.

This complex of interventions may help to achieve significant results:

  • The confectionery will not experience the lack of customers since a wide range of customers will be able to assess the quality of products.
  • New outlets will appear, which will help to expand the company’s influence.
  • A unique brand can be created through the mixture of vintage and modern styles.

Rocher Beancurd (Dessert) Product

Despite the relative popularity of this organisation, the need for rebranding still arises:

  • Too a narrow list of products stops the natural development.
  • Increased activity at night narrows the circle of visitors.
  • Only regular customers are aware of the quality of the products sold.

For rebranding, the following steps will be helpful:

  • Increasing the product range to enhance customers’ interest.
  • Constant work in the daytime.
  • The attraction of new consumers at the expense of catchy advertising.

These innovations will make it possible to implement the following steps:

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  • Increasing clients’ interest in new desserts.
  • Enhancing the turnover of customers in the most active time.
  • Recognizing the brand through constant advertising campaigns.

The Fragrance Hotel Chain (Staycation) Service

The need for this hotel chain’s rebranding is conditioned by the following factors:

  • Bad reputation among local residents because of inexpensive price policy.
  • Demand is exclusively as the place for passive rest.
  • Low rating due to the influence of competitors.

A competent rebranding can include the following procedures:

  • The dissemination of information on the exceptional quality of the services provided.
  • The promotion of tourists’ active rest due to the existing recreational base.
  • Advertising promotion to improve competitiveness.

This set of measures will solve a number of important tasks:

  • Locals will no longer consider the hotel network a dirty and depraved place.
  • Clean pools and other attributes of outdoor activities can become the hallmark of hotels.
  • The influence of competitors can be reduced due to the large flow of tourists.
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