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Reflection on Achievement of Outcomes Concept Map

Concept Map
Concept Map

The outlined concept map demonstrates the existence of links between the planned course outcomes and activities that had to be performed during the course. The MSN Program Outcome #2 presupposes the acquisition of knowledge related to the creation of a caring environment and the achievement of quality health outcomes. First of all, this goal demands a better understanding of the factors that impact populations and how some adverse effects can be mitigated to achieve positive results. In this regard, the Week 1 assignment contributed to an improvement of knowledge related to the topic and their summary with the primary goal to understand the basic concepts of the discussed issue and their peculiarities.

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At the same time, the Week 2 Assignment, Healthy People 2020 Impact paper was another essential step towards the generation of an improved understanding of who better health outcomes can be generated by moderating the existing environment and solving some problems that might have a pernicious impact on the health of the nation. These two elements of the course were critical for the improvement of knowledge related to the aspect and achievement of desired outcomes.

The second desired goal of the course was the achievement of a high level of competence in clinical prevention and population health, MSN Essential VII. For this reason, the training included tasks aimed at the provision of critical knowledge related to this aspect and their discussion. Week 3 Assignment: Epidemiological Methods and Measurements is considered a critically important step for the acquisition of in-depth and relevant knowledge about the effect of epidemiological factors on the health of the population and how they can be evaluated to avoid undesired outcomes.

As for the second assignment regarding the outlined goal Week 4 Open Forum Discussion, this task also promoted the formation of the desired competence. Creating posts, all learners were able to acquire additional information about the sources of epidemiological data and approaches that could be used to evaluate a particular aspect of communities’ functioning. In such a way, the mentioned assignments are closely connected with the desired outcome and help learners to practice and broaden their knowledge base and competence.

The generation of NONPF competencies was the third desired outcome of the course presupposing that would-be nurses could apply, integrate, and use client-centered and culturally appropriate concepts in the planning, delivery, and managing multiple activities regarding the evidence-based care. This goal presupposes the improved understanding of cultural and individual peculiarities of individuals, their problems, and demands on the quality of provided services. Additionally, there is a requirement for enhanced analytical skills and the ability to solve some current issues. Week 5 Assignment, Infectious Disease Paper helped to train in evaluating the current state of the community and ways to struggle with infectious diseases by using the epidemiological knowledge and how they spread.

Finally, the Week 6 Analysis of Chronic Health Problem contributed to the development of critical skills and the formation of the ability to function in terms of evidence-based practice, which is one of the main goals of the whole course.

Altogether, all existing goals are interconnected as their achievement is possible only by the acquisition of improved knowledge in all mentioned spheres. The assignments outlined in the concept map can be considered vital tasks that helped to attain desired outcomes and enhance understanding of epidemiology, communities’ health, and evidence-based practice.

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