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Reflection Process from the Biblical Perspective


The completed class has presented numerous ideas that can guide people to write effectively and share their ideas with others efficiently. Appropriate communication is an evidence-based approach that can guide human beings to address their common problems, make superior decisions, and achieve their objectives. The Bible becomes a powerful tool that believers can consider when interacting with others and pursuing their personal and career objectives. This personal reflection paper gives a detailed analysis of the lessons learned and how they will support my aims.

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Reflective Analysis

The completed course has offered numerous concepts and approaches for writing successfully. For instance, all students have understood how to compose high-quality message, identify the best approach depending on the needs of the reader or recipient, and consider the most appropriate tone. Selecting an effective writing method or strategy can make it easier for a given individual to deliver the intended ideas to the reader. In order to make the process successful, someone can choose desirable themes to strengthen the presented concepts. Considering the reading and comprehension abilities of the audience is also something critical. The use of a proper communication channel will also support the needs of both the recipient and the composer of the targeted message (Sadiku, 2015). Those who want to write successfully should consider the right word choices, examples, and social norms of the identified readers. The subject matter should also inform the writing method the student or person selects.

These insights are essential since they make it possible for any given individual to write successfully and convey various concepts and ideas efficiently. This is a clear indication that the acquired lessons and insights are important. Firstly, such concepts will make it easier for me to compose various messages and communicate successfully with different listeners or readers. Secondly, the insights will guide me in my personal life to converse with others, solve emerging problems, mentor my friends, and focus on my aims. Thirdly, my career will benefit significantly from these achievements and ideas gained from class (Sadiku, 2015). This is true since I will be in a position to compose official letters and documents depending on the targeted aims. Fourthly, I have developed a superior communication philosophy or model that I can consider to empower and guide others to focus on their objectives in life.

All the concepts and insights gained from the completed course will be essential for my future classes. For instance, I will apply the acquired principles of professional and personal writing to complete my assignments and exercises. I will also use the information to relate positively with my tutors and classmates. Throughout my project period, I will utilize most of the theoretical notions and concepts to identify the right respondents and audiences. This achievement will create the best environment for getting timely feedback and responses. Using my advanced communication and writing competences, I will combine the collected information and make appropriate inferences. I will identify areas that require additional studies or clarification from my interviewees. Another important observation is that learning should always be a lifelong process. This means that my current knowledge has become the foundation for pursuing new ideas and theories that can improve my writing and communication abilities (Sadiku, 2015). In my future classes, I will identify colleagues and supervisors who can guide me to widen my philosophy and eventually be in a position to achieve my objectives.

The conceptions learned in class are capable of taking me beyond my classes to help me in my community, work, and home. For instance, the basics of non-verbal communication are essential whenever interacting with other people in any given organization. As an employee, I will be able to focus on the body languages of my colleagues and respond to them accordingly. Whenever writing formal letters or documents, I will be able to utilize the most appropriate words and maintain a desirable tone (Sadiku, 2015). The ultimate objective is to strike a balance between the targeted message and the method.

In my home setting, I will apply the acquired concepts to interact with my relatives and parents in a transparent and honest manner. I will always listen attentively and make inferences from the ideas they present. When composing text messages (TMs) or using social media networks to communicate, it will be necessary to remain ethical and avoid disrespecting others (Sadiku, 2015). This is something necessary since people should sound professional and avoid insulting or undermining other people’s achievements, beliefs, and expectations.

The values associated with effective communication and writing will support my future interactions with different members of the community. For instance, people should be sympathetic, realistic, aware of promoted social norms, and sensitive to cultural issues. This is a clear indication that I will always be keen to deliver positive messages to my friends and neighbors (Sadiku, 2015). I will consider the best words and themes that many people embrace. I will avoid referencing events or past occurrences that might be divisive in the selected community. For example, introducing the events of the Holocaust to any person with a Jewish background will be something inappropriate. These aspects are essential when writing to people with diverse cultural backgrounds.

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The integration of Biblical teachings and perspectives is an approach many learning institutions take seriously. The studied class materials have equipped me with adequate ideas for making the Christian worldview part of my writing strategy (Sadiku, 2015). For example, I have understood the importance of selecting the most appropriate topic sentence before introducing the identified message. The next thing is to present adequate details and analyses to support the arguments. I can go further to introduce Biblical quotations and verses to augment my message.

Another approach is the ability to remain respectful whenever addressing other people through writing. Whenever conveying specific message, it is essential to remain professional, focus on the needs of the readers, and promote these religious values: love, empathy, trust, compassion, and integrity (Sadiku, 2015). By incorporating such biblical perspectives, I will always be in a position to communicate with others effectively and empower them. As indicated earlier, I will consult additional sources and materials in an attempt to improve my philosophy and eventually succeed in my work, life, and community. Those who consider such perspectives will find it easier to write professionally and achieve their aims.


The above personal reflection has indicated that I have acquired numerous insights and principles that have made my writing strategy appropriate for different settings or aims. The acquired concepts will make me successful in my future classes and empower me to achieve my potential. The biblical perspectives incorporated in the studied materials will guide me to write professionally while at the same time encouraging my relatives, workmates, and friends to pursue God’s commandments.

Reflection Process

Before completing this class, I used to approach life from a simple perspective or point of view. Fortunately, the completed activities have widened my view of the world. This means that it will be appropriate to apply my personal experiences in life to achieve my future aims and relate with other people positively (Ferguson, 2014). Using my religious philosophy, I can write successfully and exhibit God’s requirements in every activity I undertake. This is in accordance with Galatians 5: 22-23 which states: “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law”.

Whenever writing others, it is critical to utilize the right vocabulary and words that are in accordance with my life philosophy. This is the case since I have acquired numerous conceptions and principles that can guide me to respect and interact with other people properly. I have realized that writing is a serious process that requires the integration of the best values, word choices, and attitudes. For example, the Bible indicates that “you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32). This kind of knowledge will continue to transform and guide me to develop a superior model for communicating and mentoring others. Such new beliefs will, therefore, take me closer to my personal aims (Ferguson, 2014). These three questions are essential for effective personal reflection:

  • What assumptions did you have before completing the targeted course?
  • What transformations have occurred after studying various class materials?
  • What benefits are available to persons who engage in personal reflection?

In conclusion, the process of reflection has become a regular habit that guides me in life. Through such a process, I identify new practices and behaviors that can make me a better person.


Ferguson, J. (2014). Writing across the disciplines. Web.

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Sadiku, C. L. (2015). The importance of four skills reading, speaking, writing, listening in a lesson hour. European Journal of Language and Literature Studies, 1(1), 29-31.

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