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Research Steps in Sociology

Technology has come to be part of human existence. It plays a key role in enabling and facilitating the manner in which people conduct their daily activities. Also, it has the effect of influencing people’s spending habits because, at the touch of a button, a person can access various items available for sale. The research study seeks to establish the effect technology has on people’s spending patterns.

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The first step in conducting the research involves defining the problem. The research begins by asking the question; does technology affect people’s spending patterns? According to Sheppard (2020), after defining the topic being studied, the researcher has to narrow it down to the key area of interest.

The next step is to go further by reviewing available material regarding the topic being studied. A thorough background research work on the area of interest is conducted. It includes going through existing material related to the topic either in the library or from the internet through a literature review. The latter helps to further understand the issue and uncover important information that can help carry out the research work (Sheppard, 2020). It is also essential to identify an area of focus rather than repeating what has already been studied.

The third step involves forming the hypothesis. The hypothesis is a basic assumption regarding how two or more variables are related. It could be in the form of some guesswork, though informed by the literature review. The hypothesis developed should be testable and is in the form of a hypothetical statement (Sheppard, 2020). The hypothesis should be able to envisage how one practice of social conduct impacts the other. The hypothesis for this study is that technology affects people’s spending patterns.


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