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Researching of Hypothesis of Dreaming


Continuity of hypothesis is the presumption that problem resolving is an advanced step-by-step process of experimentation. Strengthened reactions will result in an associative endurance that yields a slow but effective learning process. Unsuccessful responses are ceased since they will not bring any meaningful learning. The hypothesis of dreaming draws the relationship between animal dreaming and the emotional states of individuals. Dreams accurately describe a person’s emotions, relationships, and the most critical concerns in life.

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The dreams of Jordanian college students did not differ from my dreams at all. The Typical dream questionnaires (TDQ) of Lana Nasser reported the top five dreaming experiences amongst students. It revealed that those who dreamt of their teacher dying was 80.4%, fell 69.3%, frozen fright 63.8%, failed exams 62.0%, and arrived late 54% out of a total number of 279 females and 49 males (Bontempo & Sandström, 2020).

Dreams result from the emotions of our day-to-day life (Bontempo & Sandström, 2020). For instance, if a student from a Jordanian college had an encounter with a snake during the day, there is a high likelihood that the student will have a dream at night regarding the same experience since. In my case, I usually have dreams depending on my day-to-day emotions that is, the encounters that I had during the day that were unusual are likely to reflect in my dream.

The reason that accounts for the many similarities for college dreamers is their daily encounters. For instance, students encounter almost the same activities at school, such as learning and other physical exercise, due to the same range of activities, dreams set in because of overdoing or overthinking something. However, college culture does not transcend ethnic cultures simply because there are different reasons for dreams depending on the context (Bontempo & Sandström, 2020). College students have a narrow range of thoughts, while ethnic communities have a wide range due to the wide range of activities they carry out daily.

Differences Between Han and Tibetan Dream of Death

There are differences between the Han and Tibetan dreams of death. First, Tibetan participants were more peaceful in passing emotions related to death dreams than the Han Chinese. Another difference was that more Tibetan reported that the immediate cause of death in their dreams was not revealed, unlike Han. Also, the dreamer could appear more frequently in the visions that attacked the Han, whereas it seldomly happened in the case of the Tibetans. According to the research, the differences occurred due to different living environments, the difference in lifestyles, and religious differences, which led to a variation of emotions between the two communities.

Pandemic Dreams

Lockdowns have a more significant impact on the dreams that people experience. Recently the whole world was put into lockdown, and there have been reports on how it impacted dreams. The lockdown affected the dreams of many people in many distinct ways. Some experienced a remarkable improvement, while others were annoyed by the changes that happened. The change that occurred in working from home altered the circadian rhythms of the victims. There was a shift in bedtime as the statistics revealed that females experienced worse sleep time than males, with nightmares and disturbing nighttime awakenings. Due to the reason that dreams highly depend on the emotional state of individuals, it was noted that a sudden change in everyday life led to an increased number of dreams experienced.

A strive towards maintaining regular sleep time could necessarily be more helpful. Due to the worries and threats the COVID-19 experienced, many were reported to have nightmares of being struck by the virus and the dangers that followed. My dreams were also affected by lockdowns in that most nightmares I had resulted from thinking more frequently about the change of daily schedules. They had more negative impacts compared to positive effects.

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Mehinaku Dreams

What struck me most about the Mehinaku dreams is that they occur when the soul leaves at home to wander through the fantasy world of spirits, monsters, and the villagers’ souls while they are asleep. In the morning, the villagers carefully trace the adventure of their souls since it is a depiction of what is likely to happen in the future. The Mehinaku dreams reflect their waking concerns in different ways. They had informants who circulated each day early in the morning to collect the previous night’s dreams. It is then handed over to interpreters who interpret them to predict what will happen in the future. Description of the Mehinaku socialization sets in in the “Tapir Woman.” Castration anxiety became one of the main themes in the dreams of Mehinaku in the Scenario of the Tapir Woman.

The study revealed that wives contributed to the division of labor and enjoyed the freedom of sexual intercourse (Bontempo & Sandström, 2020). The space became overwhelming to the men because of the anxieties it created and the taboos it broke. In the first years of a child’s development, the mother takes the more significant part of maturing. During the third year of separation, the child is left with an alternation of personality. Lack of affection from the father’s child was noted as the cause of about 75% of Mehinaku men’s castration anxiety (Bontempo & Sandström, 2020).


Bontempo e Silva, L., & Sandström, K. (2020). Group dream work incorporates a psychophysical embodied approach. Dreaming, 30(2), 162. Web.

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