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Researching of Strategic Innovation

Innovation is the systematic application of ideas that culminate in the presentation of new products and services or an enhancement in the manner those products and services are offered. In the sphere of business activities and organizational performance, change and transformation can become the drivers of progress. Hence, it is obligatory for entrepreneurs to select particular strategies and steps for implementing innovative solutions. Due to their new concepts and product development, start-up companies can be depicted as a great example of push innovation provision.

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Incremental change is a method of altering the current system by implementing minor adjustments. Incremental change, also referred to as first-order transformation, emerges over time in a sequence of small stages, with no single decision requiring a lengthy time (Uotila, 1). Radical change is defined as a rapid transition that impacts the core of social systems or organizational processes (Uotila, 1). This form of shift influences organizations’ and individuals’ resources, values, and interpretive frameworks. Continuous growth as a quality management approach or the deployment of a modern computing system to enhance productivity are instances of incremental change strategies. A total alteration of a firm’s organizational structure or a transfer in the legal form of ownership is a concrete example of radical change strategies.

Concerning a situation where an incremental innovation or change is a better solution, it is feasible to suggest technological process automation. In this case, ensuring the procedures are performed smoothly is essential since a rapid shift can cause reckless decisions and negative consequences, including inadequate personnel reduction. Considering a scenario in which a radical change is believed to be a better option, it is possible to emphasize rebranding. In this transformation, an organization requires an increased velocity of processes and decisiveness and omnipresence since rebranding leads to changing brand image that has to be strictly defined.

Considering a case description where a push innovation would provide a competitive advantage, it can be stated that a start-up company can demonstrate certain features. Push innovation can be determined as a concept transformed into an invention when it is commercialized and generates benefits (Guo, 2). According to their diverse background and expertise, start-ups explore and elaborate technology or a solution and then identify various ways to commercialize and promote it. Concerning the two outcomes of this situation, it can be noted that start-up companies can achieve success among investors with the help of firstly creating a technology.

In addition, sponsors and business consultants will assist start-up firms in promoting and implementing their ideas or inventions. Referring to the reasons why entrepreneurs should follow an innovation strategy, it is feasible to highlight customer satisfaction, improved decision-making, and competition (Brasil, 3). In order to improve organizational performance, a company should focus on meeting customer needs and becoming closer to clients, developing innovative approaches for managerial decision-making, and examining market competitors.

To summarize, it is possible to advise technical process automation in a circumstance where incremental innovation or change is a preferable approach. It is feasible to emphasize rebranding in a case when a drastic change is thought to be the superior alternative. A start-up business can display certain characteristics when considering a scenario in which a push innovation will create a competitive advantage. Start-ups investigate and develop a technology or a solution, then discover numerous ways to commercialize and promote it based on their diverse backgrounds and abilities. It is important to recognize client satisfaction, enhanced decision-making, and competition as reasons why entrepreneurs should pursue an innovative approach.


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