Road Speed Limits Importance

Many drivers can find speed limits to be annoying, distracting, or lacking any meaningful contribution to road safety. However, there is an alarming trend that reveals the increase in the number of road fatalities in the past few years (Farmer, 2019). I believe that human lives must be put above the convenience of transportation. This essay will provide arguments in defense of road speed limits.

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The extensive research of road accidents over the past three decades provides sufficient data to determine the losses from increased speed limits. Farmer (2019) states that “each 5 mph increase in the maximum speed limit for a state has been associated with an 8.5% increase in traffic fatalities on interstates and freeways and a 2.8% increase on other roads” (p. 8). This data implies the potential benefits in human lives saved, which can not be measured with advantages of higher speed limits.

In conclusion, the implementation of stricter road speed limits will prevent the loss of many lives of U.S. citizens. Studies show that drivers tend to misunderstand how much time they save by driving faster (Farmer, 2019). While there are people who are concerned about the increased travel time, these two measures can not be compared. Although there are people who do not get into high-speed accidents, it is not worth the risk.


Farmer, C. M. (2019). The effects of higher speed limits on traffic fatalities in the United States, 1993–2017. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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