Role of Education in Our Life


Education is one of the most crucially essential things in the life of each person. People get an excellent opportunity to become real professionals within one or even more spheres and help others grasp all the necessary details. However, nowadays, lots of people may still face problems like race inequality. It is essential to admit that race is not the only point to worry about. Sexual orientation, gender, religion, and even class differentiation play a less important role in education. Tutors and students are so anxious about their belonging, and this is why they cannot concentrate on their knowledge and improvement to their full extent.

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The problems in education concern people of different and social status. Young people should care about their further development and career, grown-ups should think about their children’s education, and even businessmen can also be involved in such discussion because proper education reflects the quality of any employee. Each worker should be able to demonstrate his/her high level of education. My report’s audience is the dissertation committee, a group of people who are closely connected to the sphere of education. As no one else, they can face the problems concerning race and gender inequality, differences in education for white and Black people, and the existing priorities. These people are one of those who may affect educational processes and make it available to people of any race and gender. With my investigation’s help, I want to describe how terrible the situation may become if numerous divisions in education will not be stopped. This is why this very research may arouse their interest and even provoke some discussions, which may help find the necessary ways and provide all students with equal chances to get their education, advance their skills, and be useful to society.

Synthesis Report

Race prejudice is one of the most famous and terrible problems in our society nowadays. People start judging people not because of their actions or thoughts but because of their skin color. Race inequality disturbs many people and deprives them of the opportunity to follow their intuition and desire, but makes them consider race, gender, and social status before. Black male education is under a terrible threat because people take into account the color of skin and only then evaluate student’s abilities and potential. Such prejudice is not correct. People of any race have a chance to demonstrate their abilities, and people who evaluate these abilities should stay tolerant and unbiased. Only such an attitude to education will help achieve good results and create the right professionals in different life spheres.

My research turns out to be rather important and useful because it touches upon such issues as the necessity of advancement in education for Black people, improvements in their activities, and social organization. With the help of this research, I want to demonstrate the possible ways to make education available to everyone without considering such issues as gender or race. Black males should have the same opportunities to learn the necessary material to get an equal right to live, earn a living, and help other people. There are numerous activities, which need to be taken to help Black people overcome difficulties and forget about the existed inequalities.

The chosen material for my research is rather exciting and significant. The authors of the articles under consideration concentrate on race issues and black male education from different perspectives. One of the aspects that deserve attention is that the authors investigate other institutions, such as the University of Illinois or Ohio State University. Such an approach is right, indeed, as it evaluates the situation from different points of view and makes the necessary conclusions grounding on the results from several academic institutions. Hamper underlines the importance of activities from institutions’ side, which should increase the number of black men attending colleges with the help of social development. Institutional negligence is one reason why so many black students do not want to visit public or private schools with white people. This author presents reliable facts concerning the enrollment of black people into higher education. The evaluation of these facts helps to clear up the number of students who do want and can study and the reasons they do not study. The severity of social disparity plays a vital role in the education of black and white people. Students have to analyze their social status, gender, and race before they start learning something. Relations between students may be on their ways to clear comprehension of the material. Such distraction has to be changed into some everyday activities, which help develop students’ knowledge and enlarge the number of victories within one or several institutions.

However, it is necessary to admit that lots of information presented in the chosen articles is grounded on past research. Empirical approaches are not inherent to the pieces under consideration. Only a few numbers of works may present facts gathered from the authors’ personal experiences. Such a choice of approaches may become one of the significant shortages of the whole book. To achieve better results, it is possible to use several personal empirical methods and analyze the information obtained. With the help of data described in the articles and personal experience, the results of this research will be much better and more reliable.

Qualitative approaches turn out to be somewhat helpful for any kind of research. The research by Harris and Bensimon uses one of the qualitative methods to clear up why so few African American males are enrolled annually. Without any doubt, numbers are rather considerable for any science. Unfortunately, many do not help to realize why so many black people just do not want to continue their education within effective institutions and deprive themselves of the opportunity to become professionals. One of the mentoring programs, Equity Scorecard, is considered to be a effective means that aims to define who and why are deprived of the opportunity to enter the chosen institution. The analysis of the reasons for low entry will also help to find what kinds of means can change the situation.

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Quantitative approaches are not less critical in my research. After I choose this method, I get an opportunity to compare three absolutely different academic establishments: religious institutions, art schools, and research universities. Due to this research, it was defined that black diversity still exists in each of the above-mentioned organizations. Prejudice concerning black male education and other minorities disturb a lot of people. It is necessary to find out some activity that will help to cope with difficulties and be ready to prove personal standpoints. This is why such things as family and campus support remain to be significant. This support helps to destroy all stereotypes and put education, the development of students’ skills, and career into the first place. Public activities also help to unite people with different interests and preferences to create something useful and help other people t be involved in public life where race and gender issues do not play a too significant role.

It is also obligatory to pay attention to the creation of numerous ethnic and racial groups in different institutions. Lots of educational organizations, staff, and counselors considerably influence the inequality between the students as well. Even if these groups are created in order to fight against the existed inequality, their foundations serve as one more reason to divide students and again concentrate on racial issues more than on education itself. This is why, when one more group is going to be created, it is necessary to think over its objectives and effect on the other already existed groups. If people have such an opportunity to develop new activities and affect the improvement of students’ skills, they should use such chances to demonstrate positive and significant results.

Each person knows that our life is full of different prejudices, which may bother day by day. Race and gender are some of the most considerable things, which the vast majority of people are worried about. However, when such points do not allow to get a proper education, it turns out to be a huge problem. People do not want and just cannot understand that prejudice and education should be separated somehow. Some people think that all doubts lie in a person and his/her upbringing. As far as I am concerned, a lot of problems appear not because of the person, but because of the system he/she lives in. This is why our education system should be considerably changed in order to destroy any possible problems. People of any race should get the same education, and the division may happen not because of the color of your skin but because of your personal abilities and desire to learn something.

My research will provide captivating ways, which may improve the education of Black males in the future. The point is that this inequality hurts lots of people and will hurt our future generation if we, at least, do not try to change something. Of course, my project is just one more work that should be analyzed and evaluated thoroughly. But still, statistics and experience are two incontestable facts, which may show that education is not the field of a fight between people of different races or gender. Education is something that helps us to be smarter and wiser. Education is a means that provides us with the opportunities to learn our history, learn from the mistakes made by our ancestry, and take all the necessary steps to live every day and equal life. Race should not influence education because any person has to have a chance to be educative, be able to improve their own skills and be ready to help another person to do the same.

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