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Roles of a Leader in Emergencies

The primary function of the emergency management team is to prepare beneficial arrangements and protocols as a response to specific emergencies and other natural disasters. They are also helpful after emergencies because they coordinate with government agencies and other elected officials to reduce harmful effects. Some organizations have qualified to emergency team whereas other organizations have not. Those organizations with a well-trained team provide quality services during emergencies.

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The organizations should organize free training of their members free emergency management skills so as to encourage more members to be trained. Most of the nurses fear the high costs incurred during the training process. Because the exercise is cheap and readily available, most of them will come out to be trained. Organizations should organize meetings with the members of different departments to encourage them to acquire skills in emergency management (Yang et al., 2020). Therefore, more will be motivated through these seminars and hence get eager to be trained. Also, through varied training methods such as movie watching and simulation exercises, most organizations are likely to encourage more nurses to be trained in emergency management instead of using a single form. Finally, the scientific research based on disaster nursing should be strengthened to encourage more nurses to carry out disaster and emergency management.

The skills gained in emergency management training are essential because the lessons prepare one to follow the emergency procedures which are set. Since the protocols are made to reduce the physical injuries that one might have incurred, the experience thereof provides one with the necessary skills to handle the emergency as required compared to a person without the skills. Through the skills obtained, the prevention of fatalities and injuries has become more accessible during emergency management, unlike when the skills are not known.


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