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Roy’s “My Almighty Grandmother” vs. Mistry’s “Squatter”

After hearing and discussing several strong and weak aspects of both stories, we are here to emphasize the appropriateness of “My Almighty Grandmother” from multiple perspectives. Our college community needs to learn how to differentiate and respect cultures in the social context. Instead of humorizing cultural differences or slightly mentioning the immigrant concepts as it was done in “Squatter,” it is important to show how to cooperate and make mutual decisions. The examples described in “My Almighty Grandmother” are simple but good enough to promote a definite representation of Canadian life. Through the prism of effective dialogues, Roy specifies Canadian identity and the role of family relationships, which captivates and involves the reader.

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There are several reasons for choosing “My Almighty Grandmother” over “Squatter,” and one of the most evident is the possibility to understand the essence of Canadian culture and values. The author pays much attention to the description of Canada during different seasons, comparing its winter and summer charms. It is wrong to accept another country or nation as a list of immigrant rules and standards but a place where houses and people may be viewed differently in a strange light. College students come from different cities and should learn the culture not just using dry definitions and unfamiliar phrases but relying on their imagination and attitudes, which is possible throughout Roy’s reading.

Another strength of the story is the intention to establish a connection with the reader by focusing on familiar themes and situations. Family relationships play a crucial role in any society, and “My Almighty Grandmother” is based on the grandmother’s character. This approach is beneficial because it touches upon several generations and changes that modern students are not always ready to recognize. The bond between a six-year-old girl, Christina, and her grandmother is unique and continues improving with years. International students will get an excellent opportunity to observe Canadian life and its distinctive features under the circumstances that they are usually lucky to experience in their own lives.

Finally, the style and language that Roy chooses for “My Almighty Grandmother” are two more cause to read this story, not “Squatter.” Many authors find it necessary to add some colloquial phrases to their writing to underline the differences. However, to introduce a new community or a whole culture, there is no need to overuse unnecessary complex words, the understanding of which is possible only with a dictionary or additional online search. Several informative dialogues with a clear purpose and interesting content may be enough to deliver a message. Short stories must hold the person’s interest to continue reading but not to enhance research skills.

In conclusion, we should admit that people are always free to make their choices and establish their preferences. “My Almighty Grandmother” is the preference for those who want to enjoy the Canadian culture and development and never forget about the ties between humans. This story is good at delivering simple and crucial social concepts, and the reader has to do nothing but find an extra hour or less to enjoy the material that is professionally offered by Gabrielle Roy. The major advantage of this story, in addition to the already mentioned literary techniques and content, is its emotional background and a burning desire to call grandparents or parents and share sincere feelings and love.

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