Safety and Security Solutions at School

To summarize, the current proposal is concerned with enhancing the safety and security of students at schools by following three basic steps. The proposed program is necessary to implement because of the number of unfortunate events, such as shootings, occurring across the country each year, and Texas is not an exception to the trend. As discussed in Senate Bill 11, it is imperative to address violence and reduce threats to security not only at the state but also national levels (Senate Research Center). Stakeholders involved in strengthening security measures at school have recommended revising and expand the duties and responsibilities of school districts and participate in the development of multi-hazard emergency operations as well as other means of safety (Senate Research Center).

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In the proposed plan, the first step is to conduct regular security checks around school facilities to ensure that there are no loopholes and exits that can be used by potential perpetrators. This measure is the most important because it is concerned with existing security problems and helps those involved in the evaluation to participate in the development of prevention measures. The second step is to install metal detectors at school entrances to prevent the inflow of potentially dangerous objects, including weapons to classrooms. The final step is to hire and assign security guards to entrance doors for enhanced safety, including the detection of potential contraband substances being smuggled into schools.

The developed framework for security targets prevention and monitoring, thus the improvement of safety practices. The majority of schools do not have the necessary level of security, including metal detectors, which is why the proposed steps are expected to increase students’ safety. Also, the developed solutions will be sufficient for enforcing security-related behaviors among students themselves. Because of this, it is recommended to educate children on why specific safety measures were introduced and how they will subsequently benefit their schools in the long run.

It is expected that the proposed security initiative would be received with a certain degree of opposition. Because of this, it is essential to offer a rebuttal to criticism. First, the program may be attacked for the lack of attention to methods of emergency management since it is focused on predominantly prevention. This argument can be addressed by stating that for emergencies associated with compromised not to occur at schools, prevention and monitoring is essential. Regular security assessments and metal detectors represent effective methods of potential crime prevention, which means that there will be a lower number of such emergencies as school attacks. In addition, the increase in security personnel will also strengthen school safety because the more guards there are, the higher are the chances of addressing unforeseen circumstances effectively.

Second, the proposed methods of security management can be criticized through the perspective of resource use and costs associated with the procedures. To address this point, it is essential to argue that money should not be a preventive factor when it comes to establishing the safety of students at schools. In case of any budget limitations, the assistance of the Texas House of Representatives can be requested. The members of the House can respond to the budgetary needs of the plan and contact partners who will be willing to contribute to the integration of security measures at schools across the state.

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