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School Positive Behavior Plan Analysis


This analysis is based on a three-year behavior referral plan from data collected at the Blanche Ely High School. From the analysis, it is realized that a positive behavior support system can be effective in reducing negative behavior incidences among students. A positive behavior support system is a plan that is used in schools to provide students with the support that they need to succeed in both their educational and social lives while in the school (Biglan, Wang, & Walberg, 2013).

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Main body

The analysis entailed a behavior support plan that included all areas that touched on the students’ day-to-day activities in the school. The plan also encompassed the school-wide expectation, cafeteria, area patio guidelines, and hallway, stairwells, and alleyways rules. It laid out what was expected from the student concerning such areas (Young, Caldarella, Richardson, & Young, 2011). Besides, as a part of the plan, behavior incidents in the school included fighting, defiance of authority, violation of both class and school level rules, unruly conduct, class cuts, insulting, disobedience, use of cell phones, and fighting in school.

As part of this analysis, disruptive conduct was chosen as the target misbehavior. It is believed that a better positive behavior support system can reduce the number of referrals made due to defiance (Crone & Horner, 2003). According to Young et al. (2011), a positive behavior support plan can modify a student’s behavior to provide a positive teaching environment for both the student and teachers who are directly involved with them. With reference to the school understudy, it was found that the use of different behavioral support plan referrals reduced unruly behavior up to 10% by May 2015.

The plan must use ideas that are workable for students since the setting of the school is wide. With the alleviation of unruly and disruptive behavior, the school realizes a reduction in fighting and violence. This situation will in turn provide positive results such as safe learning and teaching environment in addition to respect among the students and teachers. The support plan provides a framework for the accomplishment of the desired school objectives. Once the implementation of the plan is realized, the school stands in a better position to accomplish its vision and mission (Biglan et al., 2013).

According to Biglan et al. (2013), a positive behavior support plan can address the schools’ expectations of what constitutes positive behavior. In addition, the teachers are motivated to teach well-behaved and obedient students. Furthermore, they can monitor and acknowledge students whenever they engage in the desired behavioral patterns. Moreover, the school can correct the problem using a well-laid plan whereby they collect information with a view of using it to analyze each student. This plan helps them guide their decision-making skills (Yukl, 2012). Besides, the students benefit from the acquisition of various leadership positions in the school administration. Such positions are assigned to some students due to positive behavior developed by the support plan.

With regard to the Blanche Ely High School, it is also realized that the positive behavior support system has changed the school’s atmosphere significantly. The sustenance plan has created positive actions in the way the teachers and students relate to each other. In this way, one realizes the difference between the former and new students due to the process of behavior change (Crone & Hawken, 2010). This state of affairs shows that a positive behavior support plan minimizes unruly and disobedient behavior among students. At the same time, it introduces a positive behavior culture in the schools. However, it should not be forgotten that for the plan to be established, the implementation should be consistent at all times. There should be several strategies to achieve the social and educational outcomes as the school works to prevent problem behavior among students (Biglan et al., 2013). There are also doubts as to whether a positive behavior support system can work for students with special needs. However, other forms of therapy are recommended for these groups and others placed in the most restrictive environments (Young, Caldarella, Richardson, & Young, 2011).

Other ways that the school can succeed in its implementation plan will involve forming student support groups. In this case, they will meet their peers with a view of discussing different challenges faced during the implementation of the plan. The students can also share with the school administration what they consider unfair. With this kind of support system, both the school administration and students will work together towards the goal of reducing unruly behavior referrals.

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In conclusion, this analysis shows that a positive behavior support system is important in any learning institution. However, it should be guided by the school’s mission and vision. A good support plan also considers the needs of the students, teachers, and administration. With regard to Blanche Ely High School, the positive behavior support system is working well for the learning institution. This situation is evident due to the reduction in referrals as discussed in the analysis.


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