Science Fiction: Wells’ “The War of the Worlds”

Science fiction and fantastic literature has been fascinating the readers since its very appearing. It is quite natural for people to dream, and imagine either alternative ways of history, or far future. As the discovering of the secrets which are concealed in space and far galaxies, and also the possibility of time travel occupied and still occupy the minds of humanity, science fiction becomes more and more fascinating.

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The novel by Herbert Wells “The war of the worlds” touches upon another ticklish question “Are we alone in the Universe?” The literary techniques, used in the novel make readers share the feelings and thoughts of the characters. Reader is thrilled, puzzled, anxious…

Taking action in the early 20th century, the story starts with an unidentified storyteller (essentially a fictionalized variant of Wells), who has been attracted to an observatory in Ottershaw by a “noted astronomer” named Ogilvy. There he observers an detonation on the surface of Mars, one of a chain of such incidents that stimulates much curiosity in the methodical population. An indefinite time later, a “meteor” is seen hallway on Horsell general, near London.

The narrator’s home is close by, and he is between the first to discover the object is a space-going artificial container launched from Mars. The tube opens, expelling the Martians: bulky beings that begin settling up strange technology in the cylinder’s force hollow. A human commission moves towards the crater, waving a white flag of armistice and is burnt by a laser-like Heat-Ray.

Action discontinues when the Martians finally abandon their camp. The storyteller then travels into an abandoned London where he determines that the attackers have suddenly submitted to earthly pathogenic microbes, to which they have no resistance. The narrator is suddenly came together with his wife, and they, along with the rest of humankind, set out to face the new and extended view of the cosmos which the attack has amazed upon them.

The ironic drama includes the points, that humanity is anxious with everyday problems and routine: money, relations, government, difficulties at work and so on. But the main problem appears unexpectedly, and, it may be descried as “appeared from nowhere”

It is necessary to mention, that H.G. Wells was a strong follower of the theory of evolution, and saw every species as being busy in a steady and often brutal fight for survival. In the book, the Martian/mankind conflict is SHOWN as a similar fight, but on a greater scale. The book discovers the ethics inherent in social Darwinism, a philosophy of some importance at the time.

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Author uses the unexpected moments in order to keep readers interested in further reading. If one knows, that the plot may have unexpected turns, it makes some intrigue. Moreover, as it has been started above, people are interested in something that differs from real life. The bacteria, that became fatal for the invaders symbolize something very tiny, but being of a great significance in the present life. Thus, the plot includes some philosophic moments that explain some aspects of real life. This is made because of the fact, that even science fiction needs to be as close to real life as possible.

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