Science, Nursing, and Knowledge Base Expansion

The concept of normal science seems to be crucial in the realm of nursing since it promotes the further improvement of patient outcomes and the enhancement of knowledge and skills acquisition among nurses. The emphasis on the exploration of the existing opportunities and the use of research as the tool for identifying new opportunities must be credited as an important viewpoint on the significance of research in nursing. Therefore, the idea of normal science as the foundation for developing new frameworks for managing patients’ needs should be deemed as legitimate.

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That being said, the application of normal science should not be viewed as the sole principle that nurses must follow. In addition, the philosophy of the evidence-based practice (EBP) must be incorporated into the framework. As a result, a comprehensive analysis of the existing opportunities can be facilitated. Furthermore, the EBP tool creates premises for adopting a patient-centered approach based on cross-cultural communication.

While Kuhn’s approach was developed after the framework suggested by Nightingale, the latter cannot be viewed as its direct predecessor. Although Kuhn admittedly borrows certain elements from Nightingale’s approach, he manages to add the new elements that make the framework unique and, therefore, easily distinguishable among the rest of the nursing theories. Nightingale focused extensively on natural laws and the way in which they affect the well-being of patients, as well as the provision of the appropriate services.

Kuhn’s theory, in turn, incorporates similar ideas, yet it dismisses the idea of science being value-free. As a result, the identified framework allows placing a much greater emphasis on the use of research as a tool for improving the quality of nursing services (Smith & Parker, 2015).


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