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Sexual Assaults at Amherst College

Political Frame

The political frame perceives organizations as jungles where conflicts, power negotiations, scarce resources and enduring differences exist. The political frame acknowledges that diversity of skills, behaviors, beliefs, interests and values among employees are organizational realities which are unavoidable. Effectively managed divergent views are important in organizations, since they help in encouraging creativity. Leaders and managers need to realize that these resources are not adequate to satisfy every group’s interest, and this may result in conflicts.

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Solutions to the problems at Amherst include negotiation between members and building power bases through formation of coalitions with all the stakeholders within the institution. The power bases enable achievement of more organizational objectives than individuals can achieve on their own. The problems at Amherst affect many individuals within the institution. Therefore, the problem of sexual assault needs combined efforts by all the Amherst college members to help in eliminating it. Another solution is obtaining knowledge on the problem and dispensing the information wisely to solve the problem. It is crucial to determine the root causes of the problem and counsel or punish the perpetrator

Human Resource Frame

The human resource frame considers organizations as families and highlights the interactions that exist between organizations and individuals. Employees are crucial in maintaining productivity of organizations. Therefore, organizations should give their employees opportunity to advance their talents. When an organization is empathic to the needs of its members and supports their goals, the members of the organization become loyal and committed to their managers. Authoritarian leaders, who poorly communicate with members of their organizations or insensitive to their concerns, can never succeed in their leadership positions.

To solve the problems at Amherst, personnel handling the assault cases need empowerment and backing from their managers. Although Dr. Martin has expansive knowledge on gender issues, assault cases remain prominent in her institution. Dr. Martin should work with her colleagues to solve the problem. Another solution is to give victims psychological and emotional support, since they also need support from the college’s leaders. This will make it easier for the victims to overcome their trauma. A major problem identified at Amherst is that the plight of victims is ignored in the institution, and this has long-term impacts on them.

Symbolic Frame

In the symbolic frame, organizations are theatres in which interaction between individuals in the course of discharging their duties creates the organizations’ meaning and culture. Employees need good environments to nurture their moral imagination. Therefore, organizations should focus on creating conditions to promote the energy and creativity of employees at the workplace. In the symbolic frame, culture is crucial, since it maintains stability within organizations through shared beliefs and values.

Individuals in organizations have different interpretations of their experiences. People derive meaning from their personal experiences and this affects their perceptions on organizations. Leaders should understand their organizations’ historical and cultural backgrounds, since this helps in promoting cohesion between individuals within their organizations.

Solutions to the problems at Amherst include creating a common vision through encouraging the Amherst community to coexist in mutual respect regardless of one’s gender or sexual orientation. It is crucial to note that one of the causes of sexual assaults across America is sexual orientation of the victims. Another solution is to encourage students to desist from participating in deviant behavior, such as consuming alcohol. Sexual assault and discrimination in Amherst has a long history and is slowly becoming a norm. Students also need to understand that sexual assault and other deviant behaviors are harmful to the learning environment at Amherst.

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