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Shakespeare’s Othello’s and O. J. Simpson’s Tragedies

Shakespeare provides very many examples that can be used for comparing O.J and Othello: the juice and the fish. They are all stars in different ways, champions, combatants, and gladiators. Therefore, having all these ideas in place it is possible to get down to comparing and contrasting the two.

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Othello is a well-known gracious moor. His heroic features started just after his birth. He is believed to be of a gracious birth. Othello’s graciousness was identified when he became a general commander during a war. It was due to his leadership skills that he became the overall leader of the Turkish army. People had great respect and honor for him in that region. The power he held was so great that he could order attendants together with other members whatever he wished them to perform and they did it with great pleasure.

Othello the moor of Venice was produced at the period when racism based on color in the European nations was beginning. Simpson’s tragedy on the other hand came into existence when color-based racism was declining. O.J Simpson and Nicole are the core characters of the obvious racial chauvinists in the history of the Western nations. Othello in a real sense is just about a white woman by the name of Desdemona who fell in love with Othello a black man and they ended up in a marriage.

Several racist references come up due to the marriage between the two couples although the intention of the writer was greatly on the aspect of lovers. Iago comes out to be a well-known racist in the play. During this time, the new problem got married to the old problem of slavery that started a long time ago in the history of the Western nations. Othello’s compatriots endured long periods of suffering while the O.J Simpsons suffered from the traumatic events of enslavement.

O.J Simpson could marry a white woman during his time without breaking the state’s law as it was in the earlier period. It is true that the two women Nicole and Desdemona got attracted to the black men due to their characters being heroes in their activities. For instance, Othello was a heroin military activity while O.J Simpson had perfection in the sporting activities mostly in football. The two characters signified physical presence that was nearly greater than life. They also held similarities in their warfare and sporting activities. Additionally, both sporting competitions like football and boxing were preliminary masculine. The same was applicable in war activities where men used to be at the forefront during war and women stayed at home.

The tragedy of an outsider trying to make courtship with a woman from the Japanese society provides a different version of the play. It is believed from this idea that Othello did not have dark skin nor was he an African. He was just a stranger in Venice. This gives the impression that Othello was just an outsider ruling out the issue of racism. It clearly depicted that the issue that brought about segregation in the community was class and not racism. O.J Simpson became a class-oriented nationalist rather than a race-oriented nationalist. When O.J married his lover Nicole it came out vividly that, he had married from a high-class family while he belonged to the low-class level.

On the contrary, Othello married within his class level. This is because he held the position of general commander, which was almost the same level as Desdemona who was a senator’s daughter. The only difference was that Othello was an outsider while Desdemona was from the surrounding community. The same issue also comes out clearly in the case of O.J and Nicole.

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