Shakespeare’s Play “A Midsummer Night Dream”


The play, A Midsummer Night Dream by William Shakespeare examines and describes the events that surround the marriage between Hippolyta and Theseus. The playwright uses several characters in his work to make it meaningful and informative to the reader. This paper gives evidence-based ideas, reactions, and opinions about Helena who is one of the key women in this play.

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Helena: Reactions, Opinions, and Ideas

The portrayal and presentation of Helena in this play is something that makes it meaningful and informative. For instance, she appears to have serious issues with Demetrius who has fallen in love with Hermia. It is also notable that Theseus and Hermia’s father prefers Demetrius to become her lover. The depiction of Helena in this play makes it easier for the reader to learn more about the complexity and nature of romantic relationships in the targeted society (Shakespeare 31). The obstacles and issues many women encounter in their respective communities are described through the experiences of this character.

With such presentations, it is quite clear that Helena is a confident woman who does not plot revenge against her enemies. Throughout this play, she tries to remain modest and act intelligently whenever pursuing her selfish goals or interests. Despite the insults and physical threats she receives from Demetrius, she remains courageous and optimistic that she will eventually win the love of her life back (Shakespeare 45). This kind of depiction paints a picture of an obedient and resolute woman who will always love her husband no matter what happens in her life.

After reading this play, it is evident that the character of Helena makes it possible for Shakespeare to describe the position and role of women in society. For instance, the reader observes that men dictate the lives and expectations of females (Shakespeare 32). This is the reason why Demetrius casts Helena away even though they ought to be in a relationship. The issue of culture is also evident whereby women are expected to submit to their husbands and obey them unconditionally (Shakespeare 64). Using this character, the author manages to present the themes of struggle and passion. This is true since Helena appears to do the unthinkable by following Demetrius even though he has befriended another woman.

From a personal perspective, I believe that Helena plays a critical role in this play by William Shakespeare. Although she is not confident in her beauty, she pursues what is right in an attempt to get her partner back and eventually realize her goals in life (Shakespeare 62).

This achievement makes her a favorite character in the play. Her morals and problem-solving approaches are admirable to the reader (Shakespeare 52). Her experiences give a clear image of the unique challenges many women continue to encounter in a society characterized by magic power, gods, and fortunes. The lessons gained from this character can guide individuals who want to overcome their predicaments and eventually emerge victoriously.


The above discussion has revealed that Shakespeare gives Helena adequate attention in his play. The playwright uses her character to describe the position and role of women in the targeted society. In conclusion, those who want to emerge successful in their lives should always consider and emulate the attributes, values, and beliefs this individual portrays throughout the play.

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