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“Sicko” by Michael Moore Documentary

Moore’s Sicko and the Positive Right

Admittedly, health care is a positive right of all members of our society. Health care is synonymous to vital necessity. Thus, people should obtain health care services whenever they need them. When it comes to people’s life or health, everything is rather clear: human life is the greatest priority. However, health care has become a great issue in the USA.

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Michael Moore addresses the issue in his specific manner. The film Sicko reveals Moore’s ideas on the US health care system and health care services in other countries. The film reveals imperfections of the system in the USA where insurance companies try to make money instead of doing their job. The film also reveals the experiences of other countries where health care is more socialized (Sicko).

The System Is not Perfect

When one watches the film, one cannot but agree with Moore that everyone has the right to obtain the necessary health care services. It is also clear that not all people enjoy their positive right. Moore highlights cases when people could not use their rights. Moore shows that the US system is not perfect as there are far too many cases when people are deprived of their positive right. Moore also pays a lot of attention to insurance companies’ ways. The researcher makes the viewer see all the negative features of the US health care system.

On the other hand, Moore also reveals some features of health care in other countries (Canada, the UK). One of the most conspicuous ideas of the film is that the US government is against socialized health care because of their fear of ‘the spread of communism’ (Sicko). Moore includes some speeches of the US Presidents. Moore tries to prove that the USA (or rather US officials) are not ready for ‘socialistic’ health care as the American society is based on capitalistic values.

Moore also tries to prove that other countries managed to combine socialistic health care and capitalistic values. The film includes interviews with patients in a Canadian hospital who are happy with their system, which has nothing to do with insurance. At the same time, Moore speaks to British medical staff. Doctors seem to be happy about the system as they obtain good wages, and they are happy to help patients.

Moore Is Far from Being Objective

However, it is important to note that the film does not reveal an objective viewpoint. Moore uses black and white colors only. Thus, when speaking of the US health care system, he reveals cases when people were deceived. He highlights cases when people were deprived of their positive right. However, he does not reveal any positive features of the system. Of course, it is important to focus on negative features, but it is essential to have in mind positive features as well.

Likewise, when depicting health care systems in other countries, Moore reveals an ideal world where all people are happy. Of course, we all know that there can be no ideal worlds. Those countries also have some issues to address. The viewer can only see the bright side of the matter when it comes to other countries.

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Admittedly, it is impossible to draw any conclusions based on such controversial data. It is essential to take into account the pros and cons of health care systems in the countries mentioned. Only this can be the necessary basis for making the right decisions. One should know how to cope with problems and what positive feature to strive for. Only such kind of analysis can help people create the proper health care system, which will enable them to enjoy their positive right.

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