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Silver Linings Playbook by David O. Russell

Silver Linings Playbook is a film directed by David O. Russell based on Mathew Quick’s novel. The movie is focused on a troubled character Pat who returns home from a psychiatric facility to reunite with his family. Pat had suffered from bipolar disorder, which led him to fight the boyfriend to his ex-wife. Pat had ruined his relationship with his family and was under a restraining order from his wife (Nikki). Pat convinces his mom and his father (Pat Sr.) that he is committed to rebuilding his life. About all the characters in Silver Linings Playbook are determined in accomplishing something in their lives that gives them achievement and joy.

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Pat is determined to reconstruct his life and relationship with his wife. On one night tommy intentionally invited Pat to dinner to connect him with his sister Tiffany. Tiffany is also bipolar and plays a supportive role in helping Pat recover. Tiffany promises Pat support to get back to his wife by delivering his letters if he would participate with her in a dance competition. Through Tiffany, Pat, who was an Eagles-Cowboys fun started participating in public dance contests. In one instance when a dance competition and a football game schedule collided, Tiffany is against Pat’s decision to skip the dance instead of the football game. Pat is, however, still obsessed with his wife and even objects to having sex with Tiffany to avoid being unfaithful to his ex-wife. Tiffany is determined to separate Pat from his wife and at some point she starts crying and drinking alcohol with rage in a dance competition upon noticing Nikki was in attendance. Tiffany had strong feelings for her dance partner Pat since she was struggling to move on from her husband’s death.

Pat was repulsive of his medication, and instead, he preferred exercising and reading books. A court-ordered therapist, Cliff Patel, helps Pat recover from mental illness. Patel attended to Pat well and always helped when his rage was uncontrollable. Danny, a fellow patient in the hospital, also plays a supportive role by following up on Pat to take his medication. Danny and Cliff Patel braced Pat through bipolar disorder by therapy and stayed close to ensure he took his medication.

Pat Sr. was a betting fanatic and used the winnings to start a restaurant. Pat Sr. was an immovable fan for the Eagles, but he had been banned from the Eagles Stadium due to violence, He believed that the relationship between Pat and Tiffany was going to be successful and that they brought “good luck charm” in his bets. Dolores plays a significant role in supporting her family and son by acting as a kind mother and wife. For instance, she brings her son home from the mental hospital without Pat’s knowledge. Pat’s father was struggling with gambling whereas his mother was focused on assisting her family.

Silver Linings Playbook represents all its characters with a core role that they play. After going through a mental health and family crisis Pat is committed to restructuring his life by getting his wife back and overcoming the bipolar disorder after returning home from a mental health hospital. Tiffany is looking to recover from her husband’s death and does all she can to have a relationship with Pat. Pat Sr. is determined to support Eagle Cowboys and benefit from gambling. Dolores focuses on maintaining and supporting her family despite the challenges. Danny, Tommy, and Dr. Cliff Patel are supporting figures that encourage Pat overcome his mental illness. All characters in Silver Linings Playbook have a core purpose in life achieved by either pushing through a challenge or offering help.

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