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Skill-Building Workshop Activities

The selected form of activities is a skill-building workshop for communication development. The group members’ age will be between 19 and 22 years old, and the name of the programs is “Effective Communication.” It will mostly be a community-based treatment because the given unit can contain individuals with a wide range of differences. It is a co-ed group because it will resemble a normal academic setting, where both activities and minor lectures will be presented for short background information. The program will run through the month of November, and it will last four weeks. The sessions will take place twice a week during Tuesday and Friday in the evening, and the hours were determined to be from 19.00 PM to 20.30 PM on the selected days.

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The activities will primarily focus on assessing and improving communication-related skills. A study (1) states that a simple act of listening can play a major role in enhancing the overall process of interaction, even in clinical settings. Therefore, the first activity will be based on these particular skills, where every participant will be given a pen and paper to draw the items verbally instructed to them as precisely as possible. The second activity is focused on the same principles, but it utilizes origami instead of drawing. The students will be instructed on how to fold the papers verbally, and they will have to proceed with the execution. The last activity will be a stop listening exercise, where students will be divided into two groups, and one will be asked to leave the classroom for a brief period. The remaining students will be asked to try their best to act disinterested and unengaged in the conversation, and the other group will be instructed to tell their partners about something passionately.


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