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Skills Helpful in Specific Organizations: Bechtel Example

Modern society requires people to master and apply multiple skills to succeed in the workplace or get a well-paid job. Human resource planning, job specialization, extraversion, and dealing with ethical dilemmas are examples of efficiencies that can improve a worker’s performance. Organizations that provide various careers prefer to hire experienced candidates capable of dealing with ethical, planning, and communicational obstacles. Bechtel is one of the largest construction companies in the United States, with fifty-five thousand employees representing its high standards and values (Bechtel, 2020). This essay aims to define the competencies listed above and reveal how they can help based on Bechtel as an example of the company.

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Job specialization is the crucial factor that human resources consider while hiring personnel. This skill can be defined as an employee’s capability to master specific tasks rather than doing many different jobs on the average level (Kimani et al., 2020). At Bechtel, the labor specialization helps an employee choose a division to apply based on their skills, and proficiency gives them the competitive advance. Jobs in this construction company vary from planning and development to physical objects construction.

Human resource planning helps optimize the working processes that require the simultaneous performance of employees with different sets of abilities. Chakraborty and Biswas (2019) state that “the human resource departments of the firm must optimize the utilization of employees’ potentials that would help support and meet the business as well as a strategic goal of the firm” (p. 660). This skill is necessary for the firm executives to define and retain the most convenient and productive operational approach, and for the employees to adequately evaluate themselves and choose appropriate specifications. One of Bechtel’s values is to provide people with meaningful work and career development opportunities (Bechtel, 2020). The construction company will enforce this value by paying attention to human resource planning as a process and as a skill.

Ethical dilemmas occur in any organization as a part of its working process. Employees can face it in internal communications, interactions with customers, or while making decisions. Such a dilemma can be defined as a moral-based situation when an employee is forced to choose between fair and unfair or between options that both are not ethically correct (Olivares et al., 2019). The workforces of a large company like Bechtel must be educated about organizational ethics and provided guidelines to support their choices in the firm’s interest.

Communicational skills are crucial for any career path and depend on personality types, therefore, employees must be aware of their strong sides and improve weak points to get a better job. Extraverts are better at managing conversations, while introverts tend to work more intensively on tasks that require concentration (Rogers & Barber, 2019). Operations inside a company can be optimized by hiring people for the jobs requiring a convenient communication approach. Bechtel provides its employees with opportunities to grow by interacting and educating (Bechtel, 2020). If the company’s employee is an extrovert, this quality will help them network and encourage people into the working process.

An employee’s awareness of their job specification and personality type are the key factors in choosing the company to work for and a career path to follow. Human recourses planning is more dedicated to hiring personnel and executives due to their responsibility for the company’s workforce optimization. Moreover, ethical dilemmas must be supported by the guidelines and help employees in decision-making. Bechtel’s example reveals that these skills are vital for the success of both the employees and the organization.


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