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Social Studies: The American Dream’s Concept

The American dream focuses on making life better for its citizens and immigrants. It entails the aggressiveness instilled in the residents of America once they find themselves in various quagmires of life. The dream aims at improving the living standards of the Americans and other inhabitants by ensuring they seize any opportunity that comes their way by exploiting it and making a living out of it as per the dream.

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Money should not be the major point of focus when seizing the opportunities but rather hard work. As per the dream, opportunities should not be let go just because of the little returns associated with them. These opportunities should be made use of as they may see somebody rise the ranks to their desired levels of success.

In the article “homeless on campus,” Aesha does not let her current situation define her character. She remains focused on her education even after being thrown out by his boyfriend rendering her homeless, yet she has a son to take care of and her dream of pursuing an education yet to be achieved.

Her determination makes her find solutions to all her problems since she finds a place to reside after spending several hours in the cold. She also finds a friend to take care of her son as she pursues her education. This is exactly what the American dream entails.

More so, in the other articles, most people find themselves in wanting situations, and they struggle to find their way out. Hence, it is imperative that the government comes to the rescue of its citizens in times of need.

This will be helpful, especially when the residents are evicted, and they have nowhere to go, and some of them find it hard to think about the next move. The government should also put in place strict laws about evictions, and this way, the evictees will find solutions before they are evicted from their homes and rendered homeless.

Yes, every American resident should be entitled to the American dream. This dream is to instill the spirit of hard work in the residents, and it will make life better for the citizens. The rate of crime will reduce as the number of idle people will decrease as a result of achieving the American dream.

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The number of homeless people will also reduce since everyone will work hard to ensure they afford such basic needs. The American economy is also likely to improve as a result of realizing the American dream since most of the residents are likely to indulge in productive activities as stipulated in the American dream.

Some of the ways through which the American dream can be availed to the citizens include; increasing opportunities, motivational talks, equipping people with the relevant skills and cheap loans by the government. The government can also create opportunities for the jobless by increasing the number of industries in America. Thus, most of the residents will find job opportunities and hence reducing the rate of joblessness. Motivational talks and journals should be availed to the residents regularly.

These talks and articles are meant to improve the ability of the residents to notice and even come up with their opportunities. This will enhance open-mindedness among the residents. The education system should also be altered in such a way that it will include some units or subjects that are supposed to help the students make use of opportunities when they identify them.

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