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Sports and Organizational Conflict: Articles Analysis

Kicking Sand in the Sandbox

There are several sources of conflict that have been described in the article. The first source of conflict is that which exists between Bryant and O’Neal. The two have been great friends for some time but now envy is developing in their midst. On the other side, the Lakers Stars have not been in any good relationship with the opponents. The poor relationship between the two rival teams has been due to the competition status between them. The rival teams depict a sense of conflict which is being triggered by the desire of each to win a competition (Kindred, 2001).

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Additionally, the other level of conflict arose from the fact that there is always some kind of stiff competition among players in the field who are all eager to scoop the top prize by winning the game. The author describes these different levels of conflicts in form of narration in the sense that he or she expects the audience to identify with them. The different small bits of stories being told to highlight the theme of conflicts in sports demonstrates a clear example of how even a worthy activity like sporting can generate conflict. The author skillfully utilizes a virtual playing environment to portray the theme of conflict in sports. Nevertheless, the kind of conflict which is being demonstrated here is perceived in good faith and productive as well. It is not the kind of conflict which will harm the concerned parties because the final outcome is winning a given game. Although sporting activities are all about competition and establishing the winner, conflict is inevitable and cannot be avoided.

Now isn’t the Time to argue over Money

The article begins by highlighting the conflict which arose with the bombing of the twin towers in Washington and New York. It is from this historical event that many skeptics like chief Baseball Ball managers started casting their doubts over the significance of baseball in contemporary times (Rosenthal, 2001). These managers have a feeling that Baseball has lost the fame and popularity it had in the past. The reality is that the September 11 terrorist attacks received more attention than Basketball. Nevertheless, this may not necessarily be the right yard stick to measure the alleged deteriorating levels of Baseball. From this perspective, the author identifies some source of conflict which originates from sports managers. The complaints by these managers are identified as a source of conflict. However, the writer does not portray sports as the only instrument of conflict. There are some cases when sports have been used to pursue peace and harmony as was the case with the aftermath of the Second World War. President Roosevelt made a candid step and requested MLB not to stop the atrocities which existed before, during and after the Second World War He in fact encouraged them to stay put and soldier ahead with their sporting activities. Sport in this case was being used as a unifying factor.

In spite of this contribution made by sports, the author is very categorical as he narrates the failure which exists in sports. He takes the position of a third party narrating why sporting activities are no longer vibrant. Although the MLB managers might be adamant to accept the truth about the declining standards of Base Ball, the author is of a contrary opinion when he cites human greed as the main cause of the dropping standards on the game. This is in itself, a conflict in the sporting arena which continues to downplay the gains made over the years.


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