Steps in the Teeth Cleaning Process.

For quite a number of people, the process of brushing ones teeth is a tedious and burdensome activity. Consequently, most will just rush through this process without giving it the seriousness it deserves. However, unbeknown to them, brushing ones teeth properly is crucial and involves more than just routinely rubbing a brush with toothpaste against one’s teeth. It’s an art and a science involving the toothbrush, toothpaste and the actual brushing that, if mastered, can totally rid one of bad breath and tooth decay. Decide to say goodbye to pungent bad breath and all those nagging tooth aches by learning the proper process of cleaning teeth.

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Getting the right tooth brush can mean a world of difference when it comes to teeth brushing. Most people often decide to buy the cheapest brush in stores not realizing that plaque can only be removed using a good brush. A good brush, for one, should contain indicator bristles. These are bristles that fade halfway with use thereby indicating when the toothbrush has lost its effectiveness and needs to be replaced. Choosing such a brush will ensure that one is constantly using a brush that is effective in removing dirt.

In addition, a good brush should have outer angled bristles. It’s a great feature since the outer angled bristles gently massage the gums and stimulate them making ones mouth feel truly fresh and relaxed. Moreover, they help the brush clean along the gum line ensuring that the gums too are in tip top condition.

To achieve new heights in brushing, make sure that the brush itself has bristles of differing heights. These have a knack of getting to those annoyingly hard to reach places. Since our mouths are not evenly shaped like a square or rectangle, it’s important to get a brush that represents this unique oral curvature to ensure a thorough mouth clean up.

With a good toothbrush in hand, teeth cleaning becomes pleasurable. Nevertheless, opening a toothpaste tube can prove to be such a hindrance to this pleasure. It’s usually hard to open the seal on toothpaste caps and thus many resort to using any sharp object they can find. This is a big mistake because the side of the tube may easily split open sending all the toothpaste in all directions! The seal should be broken by using the small piercing tool placed within the top of the toothpaste cap to avoid such inconveniences.

More serious, though, is how to get that toothpaste out of that tube! Numerous relationships have been broken based on arguments revolving around how to squeeze toothpaste from the tube so don’t take this lightly. The first thing to have in mind is that toothpaste should always be squeezed from the bottom of the tube. This ensures best results and should be included in ones “How to Brush my Teeth” manual.

If this proves too burdensome, a toothpaste tube squeezer can come in handy. This relatively new invention removes the toothpaste by placing squeezing blocks on the tube at the opening and the end. Through a clamping mechanism, the toothpaste is squeezed out quickly and efficiently. With such an invention, no one has an excuse for the unforgivable sin of squeezing toothpaste from the middle or, God forbid, from the top.

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With that, its time to brush! While most people place their toothbrushes haphazardly, always ensure that the toothbrush is positioned properly by placing it at a 45- degree angle against one’s gum line at the precise point where the gums and teeth meet. This is according to dentist recommendations and always works superbly.

Brush in place, it should be stroked towards the teeth in a back and forth motion so as to effectively remove the dental plaque away from the gum line. This is then repeated for the outer surface of each individual tooth particularly the molars which contain more plaque. This back and forth movement is repeated for the inside surface of each tooth and then for the chewing surfaces of each tooth.

Often forgotten in this process is the tongue yet it is laden with bacteria that cause bad breath. It too is brushed or alternatively, a tongue scraper is used. The roof of the tongue should also be cleaned for maximum effect especially for cases of chronic bad breath.

To wrap up the process, all the remaining toothpaste is spat out- failure to do so causes bacteria to linger inside the mouth. The mouth is then thoroughly rinsed with water and mouthwash can also be used here.

A proper brushing routine lasts for only 2 to 3 minutes and yet is one of the most rewarding experiences ever. The proper teeth cleaning process is an easy one and will go a long way in preventing bad breath and tooth decay so take that toothbrush, toothpaste and glass of water and brush away to fresh breath and a beautiful, white and shiny smile.

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