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Stress, Adaptation, Coping Methods & Strategies


If a patient has no relevant information but is constantly asked to take tests, confusion and concerns start developing. A physical examination of the Nguyens provokes a number of additional diagnostic steps, and one of them is to have a mammogram for Yen (Trease et al., 2018). She does not understand what is happening, and stress turns out to be the only reasonable reaction. In this paper, the types of stress, adaptation, coping methods, and strategies will be discussed to analyze Nguyens’ case.

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What Kind of Stress Is Yen Experiencing?

When Yen gets to know about the importance of a mammogram, her first responses include nervousness and stress. Regarding the fact that the patient understands the possible reasons for and outcomes of mammograms, she may develop internal perceptual stress due to a lack of control and perceiving a threat (Khalili-Mahani et al., 2019). In addition, Yen’s friend has already been diagnosed with breast cancer after laboratory work, and her experience could lead to psychosocial stress. This type comes from different fears and grief of other people, as well as the reactions that are developed to cope with the information.

What Factors Might Affect Yen’s Adaptation to This Stress?

Resilience is one of the expected reactions to stress in humans. It means that a patient is able to adapt to new information and analyze the current environment. However, there are some factors that influence the adaptation process and lead to crisis or burnout (Trease et al., 2018). In Yen’s case, these issues include the overall status of the patient and her ability to identify and cope with stress. If the woman has negative past experiences with diagnoses and treatment plans, her adaptation to the current situation may be challenged. Finally, the presence of the support system determines the possibility and quality of adaptation. Yen’s family and friends play an important role in this process.

Evaluate What You Know About Yen’s Perception of Her Stress, Her Overall Health Status, Her Support System, and Her Coping Methods

Regarding the information about Yen, no attention was paid to cancer history in her family. It is hard to evaluate the current situation and her perception of stress in regard to the genetic nature of breast cancer. In her family, diabetes is a common disease, but she is glad to admit that this condition does not threaten her. The situation with her friend, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, shows that depression is one of the responses to the diagnosis. Yen’s perception of her stress may be determined by her friend’s example. However, the woman knows that she has developed strong family relationships, and her support system works effectively. Communication, care, and recognition of help are the coping factors Yen should consider.

What More Do You Need to Know About These Topics to Fully Answer This Question?

It is necessary to gather more information about Yen’s family and their history of cancer. This extended family serves as a solid source of support in case the diagnosis of breast cancer is approved. Additional details about the living environment and the impact of relatives on the patient should clarify the situation. Besides, it is mentioned that Yen is an employee at the day-care center, but the role of her colleagues, as well as their relationships, is poorly described. These people become another source of support in the treatment and motivated to develop new coping methods.

What Strategies Would You Recommend to Help Yen Deal with the Stress?

To manage stress because of the lack of awareness, several strategies should be recommended. First, it is necessary to avoid negative thoughts and people who may provoke pointless worries. Second, additional research and communication will help learn the situation and analyze the facts. It is high time to surf the web and read what other people think or know about similar situations. Finally, Yen must relax and take some rest by being involved in physical activities and meditation. She could have a walk with her children or friends, read an interesting book, or watch a movie or her favorite show.


In general, Yen has enough reasons to be challenged by stress and its outcome. She does not get enough information from her healthcare providers and have to make independent conclusions, relying on her personal experience and observations. In addition to the importance of new tests and labs, doctors or nurses should provide the patient with some information to calm her down and avoid stress-related complications.

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