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Structuration Theory of Anthony Giddens

According to Anthony Giddens, an individual’s structuration is based on their social habits, tied to how society expects them to conduct themselves. However, a person has the freedom to act as per their conscious mind, despite the situation. Someone who is dedicated to observing a society’s culture will consciously consider the latter in their course of action. When people behave regarding a society’s structure, they contribute to its preservation (Sandro, 2014). Giddens opines that structures vary from one community or organization to another, which means that people behave differently according to the social setting.

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Most society traditions do not become extinct over time according to Anthony Giddens. What usually happens is that they get modified by the people to fit the latter’s needs advance. However, basic traditions’ aspects and rationale do not change; they are observed that change as the world evolves. It is deducible that a society’s customs transform conveniently to adjust to its observers’ new way of life (Sandro, 2014). Social organizations also change their tradition’s superficial aspects while observing and maintaining the latter’s core features. In this way, the organization’s culture is protected from erosion.

The structuration theory is based on an individual’s principles and actions based on their social interactions in society. Principles depict someone’s thoughts or opinions in various life situations that they undergo. Depending on a person’s social status, whether they are in control or not, they can impact a social structure (Sandro, 2014). Humanity can be interpreted by people’s actions and life rules. However, Anthony Giddens holds that the society and individual’s behaviours are interdependent. Hence, a person’s conduct has a contribution in conserving or breaking the structure of the society.


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