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Strutledge Art School’s Resource Allocation

What action would you recommend to the Board of Regents?

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It is essential for the Board of Regents to make sure that the resources used by the organization are allocated in a manner as reasonable and efficient as possible. Despite the fact that the introduction of the MBA program is viewed as the solution to the current situation in the organization, it is reasonable to suggest that the Board should consider the idea of altering the current concept of educational values.

In other words, the factors that have caused the problem that the Board of Regents has to deal with now is rooted very deep, and the urgency of the promotion of the MBA degree as one of the merits granted by the establishment to its graduates is only the tip of the iceberg. In order to locate the root causes of the existing issues, i.e., the downgrade that the institution has been experiencing over the past few years, one will have to consider ample research. It is suggested that the lack of control over its reputation and the problems regarding the quality of education, which the institution members are facing at present, stems from the poor choice of a leadership strategy and a management approach (Chance, 2013).

How should Strutledge go about making a strategic decision such as this?

One must admit that the proposal that Strutledge members have made as the means of fighting the current crisis may be the solution to the problem; it is only the practical application of the newly determined strategies that will help test the hypothesis in question. However, as far as the research itself is concerned, one will have to carry out an in-depth study of the establishment and its key specifics so that a proper and adequate solution could be provided.

For these purposes, the tool such as a qualitative analysis of the students’ attitude toward the process of education and the teachers’ concept thereof should be carried out. The specified measure will help identify the problems in the target participants’ idea of education, which, in their turn, will lead to the location of the prime reasons for the teaching and learning processes to slacken down.

The results of the survey, in their turn, will have to be categorized in accordance with several basic groups, such as the internal and the external causes, the social, the cultural, and the economic factors, etc. Once a detailed taxonomy of the key factors affecting the issues that the Board is currently addressing is created, a comprehensive strategy that allows embracing every single one of them can be created.

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After the strategy is designed, its application must occur within a specific schedule. There is no need to stress that changes take time, yet, to promote better performance among the students and improve the quality of education one will have to consider the time frame. Consequently, it will be necessary to change people’s behavioral patterns based on the current perception of the organizational ethics (Branson & Gross, 2014).

Herein the significance of changing the ethical standards of the organization lies. As soon as the proper ethical standards aimed at the promotion of self-directed learning and responsibility are introduced to the target audience, a rapid rise in the performance rates is expected due to the incorporation of a powerful motivation enhancer. The redesign of the principles according to which the members of the institution shape their concept of education and using qualitative tools such as surveys and typologies for data gathering and analysis, one is likely to be able to come up with a solid basis for defining the appropriate strategy to use.

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