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Success in Death of a Salesman

The modern world is full of different points of view about failure and success. Different people think that success is a big family with ten children, the others consider success as a financial part of life, and some people think that it is a success when they have achieved something, no matter if there is no any financial support provided. The points of view about success are the same as there are people. But there is one issue, which divides people only into two parts, into two types.

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There are two types of people: those who do all they can to achieve some success, who work hard and at last achieve success. And there is another type of people who do nothing. They work, but not so hard, the only thing they do is the thinking about people who gained some success and are jealous of them. Such people think that if they did not reach the position of/her rich neighbor, so he/she is a loser, a failure.

Willy Loman, the main character of the play “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, is a man of the second type. This is a man of sixty who comes from his work, where he was a salesman and the only thing which he managed to earn is the small commission. The family has some problems with money and Willy suffers that he cannot help. He used to love his job, but now, having appeared at the end of his life he starts to think about what he has achieved. The play by Arthur Miller is Willy Loman’s remembering of his life. Life was coming through and he managed to achieve nothing as he thinks.

From one day to the other, occupied by his thoughts, Willy loses his mind. Willy longed for everybody who achieved financial success. He remembers all people who gained at least some financial success in life. He asks himself, “Why did not I go to Alaska with my brother Ben that time!” (Gardner 2008). Willy is inclined to think that only triumph and glamour may make him successful. Willy regrets the time which he cannot change, he thinks that his life is worth nothing and kills himself.

After Willy’s death, his wife and sons think about the reasons for it. Biff said, “he had the wrong dreams. A salesman has got to dream” (Gardner 2008). These words are very important and true. Willy had to dream, it was his nature, but the problem came out that the dream was wrong. Willy’s dream about financial success has been fulfilled: the last payment for the house was provided and they were free. But Willy was dead and could not feel free about that.

Let me introduce my point of view about success. Success is not just a good financial position. To be loved, to be respected is also a success. Not all people are eager to live a life where they are loved and respected, where his/her actions are a great help for others. Success is not just money, not just the level of financial income. Success is the achievement, the personal achievement. I am inclined to think that having a good family with a devoted wife and loving children is a success. To have a job that you love (and Willy used to love his job) is also a success. People should not try to achieve something which seems unreachable for them, people should not look at the neighbors’ achievements and be jealous. The only thing which they should do is to live their own lives and success will come.

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