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Superhero Ssendnik: Taking Away the Negative

In the modern world, more and more people are subjected to cynical and unfounded criticism, and no matter how humanity fights, hatred and misunderstanding among each other continue to exist in the world. From century to century, anger, hostility, and disagreement have been the occasion for another war. In this state of circumstances, it would be wise to create a superhero who will take away negative energy from people and turn it into joy. Such a superhero can prevent the occurrence of many conflicts that were caused by misunderstanding, as well as possible years of hostility and war, which can improve the morale and psychological well-being of people.

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The superhero described is a creature of unknown gender and age who calls itself Ssendnik, which means kindness spelled backward. The hero wears a white mantle and glows when it takes away negative thoughts and feelings from people. According to the legend, the creature was a child whom the monks found and raised, but when Ssendnik’s superpowers began to appear, the monks were afraid of the child’s magical origin and left it. Despite its unpleasant fate, the protagonist decided to remain kind and help other people who survived in comparable situations. Many witnesses claim that the superhero only needs to touch an angry person, and his bright glow turns all depressive feelings into kindness and joy. Under the influence of the superhero, previously wicked people become kind and willing to do good deeds.

Ssendnik is involved in modern social problems since, in the contemporary world, kindness is gradually beginning to lose its significance. More often, people perform wicked deeds and lie to relatives and friends. If the represented superhero could remove these traits from human nature, then many problems could be prevented. The described hero has such features as kindness, compassion, love for people, and they show a unique need for the performance of good deeds.

For example, the manifestation of Ssendnik’s kindness is demonstrated in the assistance of people who do not even ask for it. A superhero saves the fate of people who are committing reprehensible acts and does not demand anything from them other than a display of joy and empathy. Such behavior of Ssendnik will help to solve such social problems as misunderstandings, the depressive performance of many members of the community, and assist in the prevention of possible conflicts.

Moreover, the hero uses his superpowers only to do good deeds, which sets an example for children and its followers, which can be useful in educating worthy members of society. Despite its significance, the manifestation of Ssendnik’s abilities can often be considered a violation of personal boundaries, so even such an influential person has weaknesses.

If the help of the Ssendnik is rejected, his glow can take on different shades, most often blue, as the hero is upset due to refusals of help.

Thus, the appearance of such a sincere and talented hero will positively affect the moral character of society and will help to prevent many negative phenomena. Ssendnik is not terrified to expose their emotions and vulnerabilities, and such actions can teach people to be braver and become compassionate and show love for other beings. If the invented superhero can arouse positive feelings in many pessimistic and cruel aspects, then this situation will support the development of social security and charitable organizations. Moreover, Ssendnik can teach society to overcome life’s difficulties and remain loving and humane despite peoples’ attitudes.

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