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SWOT Analysis on BLO-IT

Blo-It has many main strengths: high-quality products, good reputation, and brand awareness, trust from consumers, expanded production, demand for goods, many suppliers from different countries, effective business marketing, and weak dependence on external conditions. The company also has several weaknesses that are recommended to be eliminated: the lack of clear plans and ideas for the future, old equipment, weak technological and innovative support, traditional methods of documentation and reports. Moreover, today the firm already has a number of opportunities for development and improvement: entering new markets and segments, high demand for products even in crisis circumstances, expansion of production lines, exponential growth. Nonetheless, Blo-It also has some threats: competitors with a more innovative approach to business, rising prices for materials and inflation, the likelihood of the company’s work due to the failure of information systems and servers.

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Blo-It should update its business processes through modern information technologies despite its possible problems, weaknesses, and threats. Firstly, the company should focus on “a single view of the information and the customer.” It is necessary to create a unique network that would allow storing data in a common digital space. Secondly, updating the system to check supply chains will be one of the best solutions for Blo-It. The 1965 version works appropriately and without various difficulties, but this system makes it difficult to implement successful interaction with other elements within the firm. Thirdly, Blo-It is required to switch to new methods, techniques, and strategies for documentation and decision-making. Manual use of a spreadsheet or fax machines is an outdated way of doing business that, by and large, prosperous, progressive, and modern organizations do not use.

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